Tamadoge keeps moving forward with its new NFTs, the best NFT to buy right now?

Since Tamadoge’s launch, new elements that could increase its value have been added to its ecosystem every day. It gives the feeling that every day that passes is a lack for those who have not yet invested in this project.

This week (October 6th), Tamadoge has released its first non-fungible tokens for sale. Users of the new platform will use it in the NFT game offered in the ecosystem. Considering the potential of the web3 project, could it be considered the best NFT to buy right now?

Tamadoge launches its first NFTs

The Tamadoge project is confidently moving forward on its roadmap. The adventure began with a successful eight-week presale that raised $ 19 million. Hence, the listing on popular exchanges has increased the value of its token, TAMA.

At this time, the community welcomes the first collection of NFT Tamadoge. According to the cryptocurrency site, non-fungible tokens will be the best way to get rewards. They will be resources in the web-based gaming ecosystem3.

So you can buy an ultra rare Tamadoge NFT from 6 October They are available in Tamadoge OpenSea Adoption Center. They are 100 in number and are on sale only for 7 days. You will then have to hurry if you want to acquire one.

Ultra rare NFTs have special properties that predispose them to enter the top 3 of the monthly leaderboard to earn rewards. When they materialize in the Tamadoge metaverse which will arrive in a few months, ultra rare NFTs will be faster, more agile, and will ensure better notoriety for their owners.

In other words, these non-fungible tokens give a significant advantage for their holders looking for a better position on the leaderboard to earn rewards in TAMA. The latter will have greater possibilities than the owners of the other two types of NFT on the platform: rare and common.

At the moment, Rare and Common NFTs are not yet available for purchase. However, they will soon be pre-selected on the waiting list. At their launch, rare NFTs will have better characteristics than common NFTs. You can also get them from Tamadoge’s OpenSea Adoption Center.

Tamadoge is a rewarding project for its investors

Far from being a simple meme coin like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin, Tamadoge presents itself as a real pillar of the GameFi in the future. Since its official launch, it hasn’t made any missteps. On the contrary, each event contributes to increasing the value of the crypto-asset on the stock exchange.

The current TAMA price is $ 0.05 and it’s already a big win for the investors who came forward during the presale. It could hit its all-time high at $ 0.16 with upcoming news set on its roadmap.

Tamaoge is essentially focused on satisfying its community. In fact, in addition to the beautiful interpretations of him, crypto offers prizes up for grabs to holders of its token.

For instance, a $ 100,000 lottery was launched to reward investors. The conditions of participation are quite simple. Just buy and hold TAMA tokens for the equivalent of $ 100. The purchase must be made on the OKX exchange which is the first to include the cryptocurrency in its list of quotes.

You can also enjoy another one contest to win the $ 3,000 prize pool thanks to Tamadoge. To have a chance to win it, you have to share the project on social networks to make it known.

In light of all these efforts and benefits that Tamadoge has achieved, it appears that the purchase of NFTs can be very beneficial. Tamadoge’s NFT offering is certainly one of the best this year.

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