The NFT artist shares tips to make your work stand out in the market

It is no secret that the NFT market is expected to exceed $ 41 billion in 2022, surpassing traditional art sales. The total market capitalization of the NFT market exceeds $ 11.3 billion. To put it another way, it equals or exceeds the gross domestic product of many smaller countries, including Kosovo, Togo and Somalia.

Verified Market Research (VMR) predicts that the NFT industry will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33.7% and reach a total market capitalization of $ 231 billion by 2030. Surprisingly, the total value of the NFT market exceeds in value the goods and services produced in many countries

These numbers have prompted many traditional artists to switch majors and become full-time digital NFT artists. For some, this means finally being able to pay their bills and devote themselves entirely to creating art. Below is the story of one of them.

Valentyne Metyk is an amazing NFT artist from Ukraine. The main subject of his works is spiritual fullness and emptiness, which refer to the amount of energy that each soul possesses. Although it may seem a little complicated, the concept is clear enough: if a soul is full, it is awake and in harmony with the world; when a soul is empty, it sleeps.

The artist tells of how consumerism has invaded society to the point that people are concerned only with listening and obeying others, without taking the time to see things for themselves. The characters in the paintings represent that there is a dead race of consumers who have no eyes, just a mouth and a pair of ears.

You may have noticed this when you meditate or get high in a club. We tend to focus on things outside of ourselves and forget what’s really important. I feel it, and I cannot be silent. So, I speak to you through my paintings. They are not just paintings or works of art, they are mirrors – portals, as Rick Sanzhez would say. They show the inner energy, the soul.

Valentino Metik

Valentyne Metyk launched all her collections with the help of the CTRL / ART / D Web 3.0 agency. All drops are listed on Foundation. During her first year as an NFT artist, a dozen works have been collected, which is a great result for the unique digital works of art she makes. The collections are called: “Color Energy” and “Color Energy Avatars”. Below are some tips from Valentyne and CTRL / ART / D on how to make your NFTs noticeable.

How to get your art NFTs collected:

  1. Don’t forget about influencer marketing.
  2. Do PR articles and interviews.
  3. Create paid NFT posts.
  4. Be as active as possible on Twitter.
  5. Keep your art unique and conceptual.

Do your best and everything will be NFTastic!

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