Wine Bottle Club: NFT for lovers of fine wines

NFTs are sold in November – Thanks to the technological innovations related to the Blockchain, the creation of digital certificates of authenticity and ownership in NFT format is now common. This “non-fungible token” format then allows the Wine bottle club become the first Web3 project in the world developed for the wine community around wines and spirits. Each NFT identifies the owner as a member of the club and allows him to benefit from the associated benefits. Let’s take a closer look at all of this.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Wine Bottle Club.

The Wine Bottle Club has a surprise in store for its owners. More information at the end of the article

1855 members for the Genesis collection

Previously featured extensively in the Journal du Coin, the Wine Bottle Club decided to limit the number of suitors able to join their inner circle. Indeed, the quantity of bottles made available as part of this project was finally fixed at 1855. A reference to the year in which Napoleon 3 orchestrated the creation of a ranking of the greatest wines of Bordeaux. Definitely a drastic choice, but one that makes it possibleaccentuate the scarcity of NFTs and exclusives which are associated with them.

In addition to the club benefits, each NFT entitles you to a bottle delivered to your home. The assignment during the mint is random:

  • Margaux Bitcoin La Cuvee ® 2019
  • Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019
  • Pessac-Léognan Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019
  • Châteaux Gruaud Larose 2014, Pape Clément 2014 and Cheval Blanc 2011
  • Champagne Carbon Methuselah
Cuvées proposals for the NFT Genesis collection of the Wine Bottle Club
Cuvées proposals for the NFT Genesis collection of the Wine Bottle Club

Last new November 3rd, don’t miss the chance to join the club

Thus, after the first event organized on June 1st, it is still possible for you to obtain your precious digital certificate during the last minting session, scheduled for November 3 at 18:00 CET. In fact, of the 1855 planned NFTs, 1385 tokens have already been generated. A performance to highlight when we know that this mint was organized in the midst of a bearish period, between generalized FUD and bear market.

The next session will therefore see the allocation of the remaining 470 NFTs. Payment will be made directly to the WBC website. The single price will be 0.35 ET. There will be an option to pay in fiat currency. Once the token is minted, the bottle will be sent to your home. The fast and safe delivery is organized by the WBC. You can also choose to entrust it to WBC who will keep it in a secure warehouse until you claim delivery.

Wine Bottle Club: great French wines, NFT and VIP events
The WBC, a tasty blend of vintages, NFTs and exclusive events

Advantages of the NFT Wine Bottle Club

Each NFT represents a unique digital artwork, consisting of attributes of random distribution, such as the label, the cap or even the background of the bottle representation. Note the collaboration with the artist Jon Onea true icon of Street Art, which she shares for the occasion 3 of his personal works. These will appear on some rare NFTs in the collection.

Many privileges will accompany the non-fungible token:

  • Access to WBC events around the world, because the concept is in the internationalization phase
  • Private visits to the cellar
  • Tasting support
  • Participation to exclusive private sale of great wines
  • Specific advice related to investing in wine
  • Privileged access to Launchpad the terms of which have yet to be specified

A springboard for 100% French wines and spirits

You get it here, the adventure has just begun. In fact, following the generation of these precious digital sesame seeds, the WBC intends to develop many aspects of its business, including at an international level. A dedicated token should therefore see the light soon. Furthermore, today in the testing phase, a Launchpad is announced in partnership with Ternoa, the French company that deals with the utilitarian aspect of NFTs. A platform that will present to amateurs and investors all the projects that associate Web3 and spirits.

The launchpad developed on ternoa promises all lovers of great wines to be a gateway to the Web3 and NFTs
The launch pad will be a privileged gateway into the Web3 universe of wines and spirits

The Wine Bottle Club has a surprise in store for all its holders who keep their NFT “undisclosed” (in French “undisclosed”, meaning that it keeps the visual appearance of a wooden crate). They will be offered a gift which will be revealed soon. Like good wine, NFT Wine Bottle Club gets better with time …

The Wine Bottle Club therefore stands out from its competitors for its originality and ultimately wants to create a rich and unique virtual universe that brings together the world of wine and the blockchain ecosystem into a single ecosystem. Thanks to the Wine Bottle Club, NFTs today simultaneously assume the roles of certificate of ownership, digital artwork and membership card of the now international and very exclusive WBC club. All the ingredients are there to make this 2022 cuvée exceptional.

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