Great news for Tamadoge fans! A new collection of common NFTs is circulating in the air

Tamadoge is often talked about these days and today the news is good. In fact, Tamadoge fans may soon purchase NFTs which they could use to circulate in the Tamaverse, among other things. Also, if you want to collect these popular NFTs, it might be time to get started, but first, here are the details!

Common Tamadoge NFTs will be available on OpenSea

Lately, developers of the Tamadoge gaming ecosystem have confirmed that they have launched a collection of common NFTs. In this announcement, the game’s developers confirmed that the collection will be hosted on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world. According to reliable sources, this collection will include 20,000 NFTs, which will help players interact with the next Tamaverse. Tamadoge players will be able to use these NFTs to play, fight each other and compete for the platform’s TAMA tokens.

In addition, every common NFT comes with a background design and the latest fashion trends in the Tamadoge landscape. These NFTs will be available for as little as 0.2 ETH, and according to the collection’s OpenSea page, 45 owners have already grabbed the available NFTs. This collection is Tamadoge’s latest NFT launch and very recently the game’s developers have released rare and ultra rare NFTs, which will be available in the game’s metaverse. Note that rare NFTs increase the user’s chances of winning battles by 70% by increasing the speed and agility of their digital pets.

Take this unique opportunity

With the launch of these common NFTs, Tamadoge enters a new phase of its existence and some specialists say today is the perfect time to buy common NFTs. According to a recent report, blockchain games have remained largely untouched by the downturn in the cryptocurrency market, especially those that work with NFTs. Incidentally, more than 1 million unique active portfolios focused on gambling activities during the second quarter of 2022, which shows that the market remains healthy, even if it is stagnating a bit. Additionally, as the token price remains bearish, investors can now buy NFTs at a discount and enjoy impressive gains when their value increases.

It is reported that this collection of NFTs may be one of the most interesting on the market, with impressive features and the promise of even greater utility when the Tamadoge game and Tamaverse launch. Likewise, investors can also purchase Tamadoge’s TAMA token, launched to serve as the primary reward token for players and is a viable investment option. TAMA is already available on several centralized exchanges, and analysts expect its price to rise as Tamadoge releases additional features.

Although ApeCoin is now in free fall, it doesn’t seem to affect people’s interest in NFTs and the fact that some people have already acquired NTF Tamadoge supports this fact.


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