How the Septeo group opens the metaverse to notaries (and to do what)

The two universes are a priori very distant from each other. On the one hand, notaries, professionals bound in a very regulated and very traditional sector. On the other hand, the metaverse, the 3D virtual internet of the future, already in vogue today. However, the Montpellier Septeo group (2,200 employees for a 2021 turnover of almost 230 million euros), specializing in the digitization of the legal and real estate professions, aims to bring the former into the world of the latter.

Its branch dedicated to the notary professions, Septeo Solutions Notaires (formerly Genapi, 550 employees), which announces a penetration rate of 75% in notary firms, presents its first metaverse projects at the Congress of Notaries held in Marseille from 12 to 14 October.

“It is true that at first we didn’t really see what uses notaries could have in the metaverse, but since the beginning of 2022 we have seen many sectors launch, notes Guillaume de Bruc, CEO of Septeo Solutions Notaires. The first the argument that has appeared is how to evangelize the population, generally young people who play online in metaverse universes, who today hold cryptocurrencies on the issue of transmitting these cryptocurrencies to loved ones if something happens … The Sandbox is the French reference platform for metaverse players and it’s also where the big accounts that are experiencing the metaverse are located. So we launched a first experiment with The Sandbox: we created a Septeo Solutions Notaires building and invited players to do an NFT quest (cryptographic tokens stored on a blockchain, ed) in the form of games and to meet local operators to talk about broadcasting. Or to direct them to a recruiting room, which is a way to seek out new talent. “

A more engaging experience

But Sandbox is open exclusively to its community of players. Septeo, wishing to expand its target, is launching a second experiment with Spatial, a specialist in the metaverse for the creation of professional spaces, and is creating a 3D e-workroom to welcome notaries and provide advice and support to cryptocurrency holders.

“Many notaries have shown interest, assures Guillaume de Bruc. It’s a more engaging experience than just video conferencing, and it also opens up the possibility of making individual appointments for advice. Many notaries go out out of curiosity, and even if it’s not possible to create a virtual office due to regulations, they can imagine joining forces with a lawyer, for example, to provide a comprehensive answer to their clients. This also opens up prospects for their business of tomorrow. Many studies promise a bright future for the metaverse, so notaries know something is about to happen and they want to take the lead. “

The leader relies on these new forms of remote work “Create new and safe spaces for exchange by offering hybrid interactions with customers”. Announce ” initially a Septeo Notaires e-workroom on Spatial, and then, in 2023, the fully operational service with, in particular, an e-building accessible to all, players or notaries, via Sandbox .

Among other avenues for the digitization of activities, Guillaume de Bruc envisions proposing the use of the metaverse for e-learning training, ” and let’s think about other uses “.