“In Europe the NFT community is part of a true corporate culture”

NFT.Kred, organizer of NFT.NYC, duplicates its flagship event in London for the first time. A choice that will last, according to the co-founder of NFT.London by NFT.NYC.

JDN. This is the first time that NFT.NYC comes to London. Why did you choose it to make it your European stronghold?

Cameron Bale, co-founder of NFT.NYC. © JDN

Cameron Bale. Actually this is not the first time we travel because in 2018, when we started creating events around NFTs, we did three in three days: we left San Francisco, where we are, to go to New York the next day and then in London the next day. We then launched NFT.NYC, which is in its fourth year, and the first NFT.London. The reason we launched our event in New York is because New York is the city of finance, art, creativity and fashion in the United States. And London represents him for Europe.

Among the audience we gathered some disappointed impressions about the absence of big names in the ecosystem. Do you think you are suffering from the competition of the Web Summit, which is taking place at the same time as Lisbon?

People make their choice, it’s not a problem. We also have some speakers who flew in from Lisbon that night to be with us today. The NFT community is definitely there, we don’t miss anyone.

What is your opinion on the European NFT market?

It’s amazing how very different it is from the United States. The good thing is that while many NFT.NYC fanatics have followed us so far, there are also many new faces. There are many companies with different profiles, we can also say that in Europe there is a true corporate culture, while in the United States the community is more artistic and creative. We think it’s the perfect place to repeat the experience next year.

You have just announced the dates of NFT.NYC, scheduled for April 12-14. What can we expect?

We just announced that we will be at the Javits Center (Manhattan Conference Center, ed), in addition to Times Square, we will therefore have a very large space to host everyone, in addition to satellite events. We had 450 satellite events last summer. Also this year we will have many celebrations, brands and names.

The French government has announced big ambitions for Web3 and big players like Binance and Crypto.com have established a headquarters in Paris. Are you planning to export your event to French soil?

We already have excellent relations in Paris, in particular with the organization of NFT Paris. They helped us to invite actors from the French NFT community. It’s not something we want to take over, we don’t want to step on their toes. They do a great job. We just want to grow together.

Australian and engineer from the University of Western Sydney, Cameron Bale now lives in Montreal and engages with French outside of interviews. He is primarily co-founder of NFT.NYC and NFT.Kred.

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