Nvidia makes the metaverse even more realistic

News hardware Nvidia makes the metaverse even more realistic

While several digital giants want to develop their own metaverse, Nvidia doesn’t intend to stand by. The graphics card manufacturer has announced several new features with the aim of helping future developers of the 3D virtual world.

With its Nvidia Omniverse graphic collaboration platform, the company has launched a series of innovative new tools aimed at helping the development of immersive 3D spaces. These creator and developer programs will help make the digital world more realistic.

It was on Tuesday August 9 that the graphics processor industry giant confirmed its ambition for the metaverse. Nvidia has announced a number of development tools combined in the Omniverse Kit.

Precisely this metaverse-based software will open the field of possibilities for the virtual world of tomorrow. Using Omniverse Kit and programs such as Nucleus, Machinima and Audio2Face, the creators of the metaverse will benefit from new possibilities that offer more and more realism.

This Omniverse kit could meet the expectations of the metaverse users, namely the quality of the avatars and their interactions. According to Nvidia, with its tools, developers will offer users the ability to create real “accurate digital twins”.

An innovation made possible in particular thanks to the new engine: Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE). This enhances the realism of the emotions of avatars and digital assistants equipped with artificial intelligence.

In a logic of interoperability, the company explains that “with Omniverse ACE, developers can create, configure and deploy avatar applications on almost any engine, on any public or private cloud”.

Together with Audio2Face, the kit will also allow you to develop an immersive experience by improving the animation of faces during social interactions in the metaverse. With the new software update, users will be able to reflect their emotions as faithfully as possible through their avatar in the virtual world.

Leveraging its capabilities, Nvidia intends to establish itself in the metaverse well ahead of its competitors. In fact, although AMD has been called up by Meta to make the metaverse work on different media, Nvidia seems more sensitive to the subject.

The company is part of a group of several giants working to develop standards for the metaverse of the future. The massive partnership of the Open Standards Forum constitutes a global agreement on the interoperability of the metaverse and its technical standards.

Among this alliance, there are several giants such as:

  • Nvidia
  • Meta (Facebook)
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Ali Baba
  • Epic games
  • Nvidia
  • IKEA
  • Huawei

Although the metaverse is going through its first real estate crisis, it is clear that companies still want to move towards this concept. The commitment is largely motivated by the hope that one day the metaverse market will become essential. Moreover, if the bet turns out to be successful, the metaverse economy could represent 50 billion dollars according to the American bank Morgan Stanley.

If this is the case, it is important that the giants of the sector develop the graphic and physical aspect of this famous virtual world, since for the moment users do not seem convinced by the realism of the different metaverses available on the market.

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