The metaverse could be used by the French government to fill its gaps

To become a reference in the cryptocurrency industry, France deals with all its spheres and already has some views on the metaverse.

The French government seems unable to satisfy its cryptocurrency hunger. While the possibilities offered by blockchain are still under discussion, Emmanuel Macron has already pledged his support to the industry and investments in non-fungible tokens appear to be a reality, France continues to expand its influence across all spheres of the industry. This time it’s the metaverse to be discussed.

To ensure that it is Europe’s premier crypto hub, the country of human rights cannot ignore the marketplace surrounding digital worlds. In view of this ambition, the Minister for Digital Transition Jean-Noël Barrot has this time joined forces with the Ministry of Culture. The two authorities have published their action plan on the development of the metaverse in France. For now, the document is only in the proposal stage, but 10 major actions already stand out.

Source: Jean-Noël Barrot’s Twitter account

France wants to become the leader in global digital services through virtual worlds. Therefore, the government would like to adapt some European laws to the latter, which would also imply regulation. A metaverse analysis would then be undertaken to get a better view of the priorities and activities to invest in. Some emphasis should be placed on immersive technologies such as virtual reality.

France would also have undertaken the creation of an institute whose task would be to develop the metaverse but also to render service to the Ministry of Culture. His task would therefore be to participate in the creation of immersive works of art. Finally, the government does not forget the part of ecology in this technology and would like to measure the environmental impact of the latter on the environment in order to develop solutions to reduce it.

The government could salvage its shortcomings

The presence of France on the web3 seems essential at a time when searches concerning it are exploding on Google. However, some points in the action plan published by Jean-Noël Barrot and the Ministry of Culture suggest that the government is counting on the metaverse to fill some of its gaps.

For example, the document evokes the organization of the Olympic Games to be held in Paris in 2024. The government therefore wishes to bring together the actors of the metaverse to highlight French heritage and culture. Two sectors from which the latter seems to be absent subscribers at the moment.

Likewise, health, education and the environment are also mentioned. Through digital worlds, France could meet some urgent needs on the side of public services. Between administration, teleconsulting, remote operations and virtual classrooms, the metaverse could act as a barrier to certain demands of the population. It could also provide solutions at a time when funding is still pending, as long as the government actually puts the means into it.


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