New OpenSea Features to Avoid Scams

OpenSea is the leading NFT market, in terms of trading volume. The platform has found a way to reduce the risk of NFTs being stolen and resold by scammers. It has in fact updated its ecosystem by offering new features aimed at strengthening user protection. Discover the new features of one of the most used NFT marketplaces in the world.

Prevent the intrusion of malicious links on the market

Decrypt recently unveiled the new features of the OpenSea Marketplace. Among the latter we have automatic analysis of the links inserted on the platform. The new solution implemented by OpenSea should disable all suspicious links. Among the types of links that will be blocked are those that redirect to known scams. There are also URLs that refer to websites with code that can trigger NFT theft.

OpenSea presents the solution

The seized link analysis solution is based on a well-stocked list that allows monitoring of identified threats. Furthermore, the instrument has the ability to simulate transactions on websites linked to the links inserted. In this way, previously unknown exploits can be easily detected by OpenSea.

OpenSea’s Vice President of Operations, Market and Integrity said action will be taken against users who engage in suspicious behavior. In fact, Anne Fauvre-Willis said: “Offshore […] take action against users who have shared such links, including banning accounts, deleting created NFT projects, and denying resource transfer requests“.

A feature to detect stolen NFTs on OpenSea

OpenSea has also implemented a solution that allows automatic review of NFT transfers. The tool therefore allows you to detect stolen NFTs through hacking operations. When a stolen NFT is identified, the system temporarily blocks it. In this way, OpenSea prevents its resale on the market.

You should know that it was previously up to NFT owners to report the theft of their assets so that action could be taken. This gave the pirates time to resell them to buyers on the market. Eventually, these buyers unknowingly ended up with blocked NFTs.

Many users complain about the theft of their NFTs on the OpenSea market. To remedy the problem, the platform implemented new solutions. It should now be easier to prevent NFT theft, as well as identify and manage stolen NFTs on OpenSea.

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