NFT on the front page: the Parisian makes the first page in Web3

Founded in 1944 as a working cooperative, the French daily the Parisian he was called for a time “The liberated Parisian”. Today he sets foot on the stirrup to join the revolution of digital ownership that is spreading at full speed before our eyes. Witness his recent initiative called crypto-one, with the aim of tokenizing in the form of NFT (non-fungible token) the most emblematic “front page” published in the newspaper since 1945. It allows its readers and collectors of all kinds to enjoy dedicated advantages, and to go a little further in the experience of the beginnings of printing in the Web3 universe.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Le Parisien.

The NFT: gateway to the decentralized web

Thus was born Le Parisien his first NFT collection, and the public mint is imminent. Of the this Thursday 27 October, at 16:00 CET, in fact, it will be possible to generate one of the covers selected by the editorial staff in a public and random way. Real summaries of history that present the most significant events since the end of the Second World War in a pictorial and digital key.

In total, 1000 NFTs will then be accessible to future buyers. These digital versions of the physical journal covers will have varying rarity levels. It will be assigned to them arbitrarily during the mint, in compliance with the emission foreseen by the project. Each historical “one” will correspond to 10 NFTs : 6 common specimens, 3 rare specimens and a last single specimen that will have the particularity of being animated. The numerous associated community utilities will flow from the degree of rarity.

With his NFTs, the Parisian is fully entering the era of the Web3

WalletConnect option: a world first

The day of the mint, to receive your NFT “Cryptocurrencies”, You will then be able to link your personal wallet, for example MetaMask. This feature has been very well received as it allows you to get the precious digital sesame directly into a personal digital wallet. But Le Parisien has decided to go even further. The newspaper, in fact, takes the initiative of a world first in identifying and accessing a personal account. The WalletConnect innovation is then available on the site as a whole. It allows NFT holders to access all content offered simply by identifying their public address.

Note that the first 500 buyers will benefit from exclusive benefits not yet disclosed. The Parisian will have finally opted for Ethereum as a ledger distributed to host its NFTs. Indeed, the second largest blockchain network in the world alone accounts for 95% of NFT activity. A guarantee on the safety, duration and liquidity in case of future resale of these precious digitalized historical testimonies. The LVMH group, owner of the newspaper, is developing a market called Aura for the occasion to produce the mint.

The most iconic covers of the last 75 years will be digitized as NFTs issued on the Ethereum blockchain this Thursday 27 October
True pieces of history to be captured in NFT format this Thursday, October 27, 2022

Press and NFT, a natural symbiosis that benefits everyone

In this way, NFT holders will be able to identify themselves to take advantage of their multiple allocations. It includes in particular:

  • A newspaper subscription Le Parisien whose period of validity depends on the rarity of the NFT. 12 months if common NFT, 18 months if rare, 24 months if single.
  • The participation in the development of content relating to the Web3 within the editorial staff through a future dedicated section
  • Discussions with reporters
  • Of the reserved events To the holders.

Therefore, Le Parisien will welcome the added value provided by cryptophiles who wish to contribute to the democratization of blockchain technology through the media with open arms. Its editorial line will be progressively enriched with contents dedicated to cryptocurrencies and the development of the Web3 in general.

Le Parisien thus places itself in a pioneering position among the main media in France with regard to NFTs. The famous newspaper thus affirms its desire to commit itself in the long term to the ecosystem supported by blockchain technologies. This original first step into the world of Web3 that constitutes Crypto-unes looks promising. We hope to be a vehicle for similar initiatives that will benefit as many people as possible in the future. If you failed to register for the presale on the 26th, you can still be one of the pioneers who will be able to claim their share of the story from this Thursday, October 27th. To do this, make sure you connect to the site just before won’t be there for everyone.

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