Sorare accomplishes a feat! Concludes a great project with the English Premier League

The success of NFTs reaches several areas, including football. As such, it is the Premier League’s turn to embark on the adventure by soon concluding a partnership with Sorare. Sorare is a football NFT that allows anyone to play, buy, sell and trade virtual teams using digital player cards. After Watford and OKX, it is the Premier League’s turn to play a few seasons of the NFT.

Blockchain company and Premier League

The top English sports league in the world of football has therefore decided to enter the world of NFT. Since the NFL is already present in this environment, the Premier League therefore it does not act as a precursor in the environment. Sorare is known thanks to stars such as Killian Mbappé and Zinedine Zidane. They are even brand ambassadors.

Users of this virtual soccer management game can buy, play, trade and sell NFTs on the platform. In terms of game rules, users only need to purchase 5 cards to form a virtual team. Note that the rarity of the cards varies from one NFT to another. Team management is an important aspect of Sorare.

The future agreement between Sorare and the Premier League

According to the information received, the amount of the agreement between Sorare and the Premier League of football would amount to over 30 million dollars a year. The the talks are still ongoing, but if the partnership agreement were to be concluded, Sorare will be able, among other things, to transmit static images of the players of the organization.

Remember that the Premier League has almost 20 football teams and that following the partnership, the players of these teams will have static images in the form of an NFT or non-fungible token. The NFTs with the effigy of the players would thus be proposed on the Sorare fantasy football platform. Note that Sorare already has Major League Baseball in his pocket.

Premier League

Sorare’s competitors to conquer the Premier League

Even though Sorare is the NFT in the best position to be able to finish with the Premier League, it is clear that there are other competitors in the race. This is the case with video game and blockchain producers who are trying to conquer this too English sports championship of the English Championship.

As an example, we can mention Dapper Labs who has already managed to eliminate ConsenSys from the race. Regardless of the amount offered by Dopper Laboratories, Sorare already has an important place in Europe. Indeed, fans of the old continent are already fond of Sorare, developed by a French start-up in 2019.

Today, NFTs are found in all industries, especially in sports. More and more players, teams and sports organizations want their share of profits from the community. It is up to the platforms to make the best offers on time.


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