BC.GAME invests 700 ETH in NFT for an even better metaverse

BC.GAME invested 700 ETH in several NFTs with the ultimate goal of empowering the metaverse and the iGaming industry. The amount in ETH was split as follows: 5 BAYC, 3 CryptoPunks, 1 Clonex, 2 Azuki and 3 recent Art Gobblers.

The cost of 700 ETH is expected to help the cryptocurrency industry provide a better metaverse ecosystem to its users.

As part of the revitalization of the metaverse ecosystem, BC.GAME has developed a new iGaming cryptographic platform that supports multiple blockchains and web ecosystems3. On this occasion, the platform will organize an NFT competition with prestigious prizes.

The improvements made by BC.GAME

Crypto Casino of the Year, BC.GAME, has decided to support the metaverse by offering its users a better and more innovative experience. This initiative is just one of many actions BC.GAME has taken to ensure that all its players receive the best service and features available in the cryptocurrency market.

BC.GAME invested in 5 BAYCs, 3 Crypto Punks, 1 Clonex, 2 Azuki and 3 latest Art Gobblers for a total cost of 700 ETH. The platform also bought a complex collection of NFTs that are currently available. The BC.GAME NFT collection is ready Offshorethe largest NFT market that allows users to buy and sell NFTs using smart contracts.

In addition to supporting the evolution of the metaverse and investing in NFT, BC.GAME has created a cryptographic iGaming platform that supports multiple blockchains and web-like ecosystems3. Having more blockchains improves the efficiency in terms of purchases, use and all the research part. It also eliminates the middlemen. In addition, web3 ecosystems have many advantages, such as data ownership control, freedom of interaction and improved security.

The BC.GAME NFT giveaway

BC.GAME constantly offers improved features and organizes contests. Recently, the platform announced the launch of a new one Tribute NFT.

The prizes of the NFT competition are as follows:

  • Mystery Box (2.5 ETH in NFT value) for 1 winner;
  • Meka # 3895 for 1 winner;
  • Meka # 5369 for 1 winner.


BC.GAME is a community-based cryptocurrency casino that is revolutionizing the casino industry and blockchain world by being one of the first casinos to support Lightning Network. Since its launch in 2017, the platform has provided players with the best online casino experience.

BC.GAME is the Crypto Casino of the Year 2022, thanks to its many prestigious industry awards. The platform now accepts fiat payments in addition to many popular cryptocurrencies. Additionally, BC.GAME provides industry-leading igaming solutions within the web3 community and supports NFT as a resource for games, top-ups, withdrawals, exchanges and other services.

Since the recent incorporation of sports betting, users now have access to over 8,000 games, including sports games, slots, live table games, and even the popular Bitcoin (BTC) crash game.

In addition to the new features of the platform, those who are not yet familiar with BC.GAME should know that it offers many benefits to new users. On the BC.GAME platform, users can register on the site and get up to 1 BTC. Plus, they can instantly redeem a 300% deposit bonus after signing up. These are just some of the many benefits offered to players.

More information on the BC.GAME official site and its social networks, Twitter And Telegram.

This text is a press release. Do your research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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