Can we eat in the metaverse?

News hardware Can we eat in the metaverse?

Web3 development attracts more giants from various industries. If some sectors such as fashion, automotive, health or even games seem favorable to the metaverse, other sectors seem less inclined to grasp this concept, yet … Several food giants have already taken a first step in the virtual world in 3D. While it still seems impossible to eat in the metaverse, what’s the plan for these big companies?

Web3 and its uses (NFT, blockchain and metaverse) offer new possibilities to various sectors, one of them being food. If the concept of “foodverse” still seems difficult to imagine, it is in full development.

In fact, many catering and food companies have already invaded the digital world. Many of them filed trademarks to exploit the metaverse long before it became a part of users’ mores. The list is long, but to mention only the best known we find:

  • Burger King
  • McDonald’s
  • intersection
  • Chipotle
  • And many others…

While most have registered a trademark just to leverage the metaverse, others have begun offering virtual experiences in their digital restaurant or supermarket.

For example, last April, fast food chain Chipotle joined forces with Roblox. Through this extraordinary marketing initiative, Roblox players were able to participate in a burrito mini-game in the metaverse. This business has earned credits, which can be reused to order at physical restaurants in Chipotle.

Beyond these recreational experiences around the big brands, what about tasting in the metaverse?

The answer is simple: no taste. For the moment, the initiatives in the metaverse are limited to immersion in restaurants, but when it comes time to sit down to eat, nothing …

In fact, food metaverses like OneRare already offer to visit virtual restaurant replicas and browse menus to order a dish, but only your avatar will appreciate it. In this sense, the tasting of meals remains the great problem to be overcome so that these virtual restaurants are optimal and approach the sensations of the physical world.

But there may be a path to exploit: the Internet of senses.

Still in conception, this idea could greatly help the catering giants in the digital world. In concrete terms, the Internet of the Senses aims to develop technologies that allow humans to experience ultra-immersive digital sensory experiences.

So, in the future we can imagine that with tools that recreate taste, touch or even smell, we will be able to share virtual meals in the metaverse. For the moment, the Internet of Senses only affects the visual aspect with the VR aspect, and this is constantly subject to graphical optimization. So there is still a long way to go before we can even have a digital coffee in the metaverse.

Furthermore, these technologies could give more tangible meaning to the metaverse. It is said that this is a digital world modeled on reality, but for the moment many feel that the metaverse does not live up to its promises (graphic quality, limited experience, etc.). Through immersion of the senses, the digital world could become more attractive (even if it tends to dystopia.)

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