Digital art and NFT make their revolution at the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel

The Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel offers itself an exclusivity: to be the place in the hotel where NFTs come to life. It exhibits the works of the new generation gallery Artpoint, a specialist in digital art. Very close to the famous Iron Lady, as if in resonance with its avant-garde, the prestigious venue is building a bridge between the Web 3, a future in the making, and the world of today. Through the immersive experience that it offers to its customers and visitors, it activates different levers: to make an emotion live through art, to launch the creative opportunities of new technologies, to promote and support contemporary artists, to participate in the dissemination of NFTs.

We wanted to know more about this pioneering initiative launched with the start-up Artpoint, but also about digital art and its evolution with the integration of NFTs.

From streaming digital art to NFTs

The Artpoint company was born in 2019 from the idea of ​​Laurie Bonin and Julie Corver, both passionate about digital art. Their value proposition? Contribute to the emergence of digital art with the streaming solution. The Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel was therefore among the first to adhere to its innovative concept and thus enrich the experience of its customers in its spaces. Since the early days of Artpoint, she has embraced works in streaming.

“Every common space is now a real destination. We want to create a unique and memorable experience for our customers, which starts as soon as they arrive. Upon entering the hotel, the guest is immersed in a singular artistic universe. He is invited to live an immersive artistic experience and to contemplate the work of digital artists from all over the world. “ Andres Lopez-Dafonte, Director of Operations, speaks in these terms of his partnership with Artpoint

The idea of ​​Artpoint and its realization are a success, so of course the two founders want to go further. “So far, in our streaming offer, we have linked two families of actors: the artists, who have access to prestigious exhibition venues around the world, and these venues, who love digital art and make space for it on their walls. Today we invite another family of art lovers to join us: the collectors and, more precisely, the collectors of NFT ”, explains Laurie Bonin. Two developments and changes of address are added to this paradigm increase: becomes, and the start-up leaves the cocoon of the famous F Station to set up on its own.

NFT technologies at the service of art

The added value of NFTs to the digital art world is solving its weaknesses.

“One of the obstacles to the full development of digital art is its lack of rarity. Blockchain technology recreates rarity by tokenizing virtual objects such as digital works of art. “ describes Julie Corver, co-founder of Artpoint.

In other words, digital works of art, by their nature, are duplicable. They can be viewed in different places, hence the streaming set by Artpoint. NFTs encourage access to secure and authenticated ownership of a work of art, maintaining its distribution and therefore, depending on the specificities of the art sector, increasing its value. It becomes possible for a collector, through his NFT, to have his digital artwork at home and, at the same time, to be exhibited in a prestigious hotel on the other side of the world. “NFT technology allows art-loving collectors to support digital artists. By purchasing an NFT, they acquire a work that everyone can admire, of course, but of which they can be, depending on the terms and conditions, the sole owner. They participate in the democratization of this art, in the diffusion of works in the real world at an international level; they share them and, through exhibitions and visibility, they see their value grow. They become patrons of artists, ”observes Laurie Bonin. The operation – it is quite rare to point out – benefits the collector, the artist and the exhibition venue. The Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel, convinced by the importance of Artpoint since its inception, was the first to sign a partnership with the company on its new NFT proposal.

NFTs come to life at the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel

The already state-of-the-art Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel is once again a step forward. A pioneer in the distribution of NFT in the hotel sector, it also integrates the added values ​​brought about by this new technology and this new mode of consumption. In this way, collectors, in addition to becoming owners of their NFT, have access to exclusive hotel benefits. “For the first drop, effective from the beginning of October, NFT buyers benefit from privileged conditions: 10% discount per night and a free cocktail. Create a real community. For the collector it is the extra pleasure of feeling like a special customer, welcomed in a place that shares his love for art. For the plant, this is a new opportunity to attract a clientele of aesthetes, ”adds Julie Corver. Both customers and visitors can now immerse themselves in the theme of imaginary worlds. Entitled “The Cabinet of Imaginative Worlds”, the first “drop” of Artpoint brings together the works of four artists: Benjamin Bardou, with a dreamlike interpretation of Parisian passages, Gaël Corboz, for compositions around ideal and magical landscapes, Julie Berger Lingh (Jellyburger) with mineral worlds where stones dance, and David Szauder, for works steeped in surrealism.

Art is a shared happiness. The Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel and Artpoint are convinced of this and embody it. The start-up, through this stimulating collaboration, proves to be committed to spreading digital art by putting it within reach of the eyes in the places of passage. What if hotel lobbies become galleries for the pleasure of the greatest number? What if they were transformed into experiential and immersive exhibition spaces? And in addition to hotels, why not imagine other places so enhanced: headquarters, shopping centers, dining rooms? What if digital art, almost everywhere, opens the doors to other worlds?

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