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Rima Abdul-Malak, Minister of Culture, and Jean-Noël Barrot, Delegate Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications communicate the exploratory report on the development of the metaverse. This mission was commissioned in February and carried out by Columbia University researcher Camille François.

A first committee

The mission strives to provide the keys to understanding to clarify the debate and seize emerging opportunities. The government therefore wishes to understand the risks posed by the metaverse and to bring French players together around a common horizon. To carry out this study, more than 80 personalities are consulted: entrepreneurs specializing in virtual reality and blockchain, cultural actors, artists, video game professionals, researchers in social sciences, artificial intelligence and computer science..

“This metaverse exploration mission report embraces all issues related to the development of these new digital spaces and shows the extent to which creators are called to play a pioneering role in determining their full potential. comments Rima Abdul-Malak, Minister of Culture. The Ministry of Culture will rely on these recommendations to support these new uses and implement an ambitious strategy to support the creation, innovation and dissemination of works in these digital spaces.“.

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A dozen suggestions

“The metaverses will be decisive for the future of digital and the Web3, whereby France must play a leading role globally by relying on know-how, world industrial leaders and an exemplary entrepreneurial spirit“, comments Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications.

The government report then mentions several levers of action such as seizing the metaverse opportunity for regain leadership positions in global digital services, in France and in Europe. It also aims to start the work of adapting European texts (RGDP, Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act) to the challenges of the metaverse. Moving forward, the government wants to analyze the metaverse value chains to do so guide strategic investment areas and limit the risks of loss of sovereignty or loss of value. On the occasion of the 2024 Olympics, the Ministries of Culture and Digital Transition wish to bring together the actors of the French metaverse around various cultural projects and the enhancement of the territory and heritage.

The organization of the 2024 Olympics in Paris would bring together French metaverse specialists

The government hopes to bring out several services that allow for the advent of a plurality of metaverses. He too desires achieve the objectives of cultural and technological sovereignty by supporting both French technological structures and cultural institutions. Another lever of action is to reinvest in the negotiating bodies of technical standards, to ensure that France and its actors participate in discussions on immersion technologies. This mission report also announces supporting interdisciplinary research initiatives to simultaneously develop experimental metaverses driven by the needs of society (culture, health, education, environment) and the means to assess socio-technical risks through empirical studies.

The government plans to create a computer research laboratory dedicated to immersive arts.

The creation of a research and coordination institute, based on the Ircam model (institute for research and acoustic music coordination) is one of the projects. It would become both a computer research laboratory dedicated to immersive arts, a place of coordination between researchers and artists for the creation of innovative immersive works in the metaverse, as well as constituting a competence point for all interested cultural institutions. Finally, following this report, the government aims to explore eco-responsible solutions and develop a system to measure the environmental impact of metaverse infrastructures.

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