Introducing the TooneyChain NFT collection, focused on the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are now a ubiquitous part of the crypto ecosystem. The big brands have understood this and many of them have begun to integrate NFTs into their business strategy. One of the most common strategies is token creation for fans, especially in the world of sports. It is with this in mind that TooneyChain designed its NFT collection centered around the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar.

Behind the project is a founding team whose philosophy is to create an exclusive platform for football fans. Made up of strategists, cryptocurrency experts, managers and artists including Karty, the team is ready to launch an NFT collection that will provide more utility and benefits to its owners. Compared to other projects on the market, TooneyChain stands out by offering very interesting privileges for users that we will present to you below.

Visualization of the project

TooneyChain WC2022 is the first collection of digital maps representing the 32 nations that have qualified for the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup in the form of a NFT toon. There will be a total of 17,312 NFTs based on different rarities. Each number card represents a footballer or team. Furthermore, each of them has unique characteristics that will allow its owner to benefit from multiple advantages.

Characteristics of NFTs

Each NFT contains information on its specific properties in its code.

Each digital card has an on-chain record detailing all transactions made since its inception, such as how many times it has been resold. This implies that each digital map can be verified as real and not counterfeit, which is obviously essential for owners and potential buyers.

Non-fungible tokens are only attractive to buyers if their scarcity is proven. This ensures that the assets remain desirable over the long term and that supply does not exceed demand.

Like all traditional digital assets and blockchain-based digital cards of smart contracts, NFTs are fully programmable.

A TooneyChain NFT will be classified according to the following four levels:

This category is made up of the hardest to find tokens. As such, they also offer the greatest benefits to their holders. Of the 32 teams made up of 26 players, 1 player will be part of this category.

  • Silver – Extremely rare

The Silver category includes NFTs whose characteristics are close to the Gold category. Of the 32 teams made up of 26 players, 10 players will fall into this category and only duplicate 5 times.

This category is made up of NFTs which are more numerous and the probability of finding one is much higher. Of the 32 teams of 26 players, 10 players will fall into this category and only double 10 times.

NFTs in this category are the most common to find. However, even if the chances of running into one of them are high, they can offer many benefits when used correctly. The whole team will be included in this category.

How to acquire the Tooney NFT chain?

Each of these NFTs can be found in a package whose price will be determined just before the minting based on ETH pricing. There will be 3 types of packs:

– Standard packaging which will contain 1 NFT
– Pro package which will contain 5 NFTs
– Legendary package which will contain 10 + 1 NFT offered

The odds of finding one of the NFTs in each category are as follows: 72% for a classic NFT; 18.48% for a Bronze NFT; 9.24% for a Silver NFT; 0.28% for a gold NFT.

There are two ways to buy NFTs: through a private sale or a public sale.

Private sale process

Private sale is the best way to acquire the NFTs in the collection. Access to the presale is possible by registering on the site (drawing) or by participating in the various competitions on the various social networks, a defined number of places will be assigned and will be communicated a few days before the mint on the discord, there will be many advantages to participate including one 10% off%.

Public sales process
The official launch will take place shortly after the presale. The public sale will take place on the official website in a secure application for this purpose.

What are the benefits of TooneyChain NFTs?
– A digital booklet and a complete application will be available to the owners to complete their collection.
– Special snapshot event organized during the World Cup, which will link the NFT in your possession to the player’s performance during the competition.
– Many gifts will be distributed to the community which may also be involved in the decision making process.
– The project will not stop at the launch of NFTs: the future gamification is foreseen in the roadmap (tokenemic, play to earn, watch to earn, etc.).
– The project will be carried out by several internationally renowned ambassadors, most of them from the world of football, collaborations are underway.
– Finally, the project is involved in the social field: part of the profits will be redistributed to the partner association Alhambra, which works for social justice and engages in charitable actions all over the world, particularly in Morocco and Senegal.

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Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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