United Artists for Ukraine: sale of NFTs for the benefit of Ukrainian cultural institutions

A Sunday evening at the Arab World Institute. On the ninth floor of the institute, about sixty people are busy, bathed in yellow and blue lights. The Franco-British think tank Hexagon Society is organizing a launch party for the new operation of United Artists. Born in 2019 on the initiative of its president Sophie Wiesenfeld, this collective made up of curators, artists, gallery owners and art specialists aims to “help cultural projects interrupted due to political, climatic, social changes and, in the worst case, due to a war that is breaking out”, she explains. Three years ago, United Artists for Europe came to the rescue of cultural initiatives that had suffered from the end of partnerships between Europe and the UK due to Brexit. Supported by intellectual and influential personalities such as the writer and the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy or the art dealer and the gallerist Taddeo Ropacthis operation paid off in renewing and saving various artistic collaborations arriving.

Support from all over the world

NFT graphics by Iryna Ozarinskaya for United Artists for Ukraine.

Iryna Ozarinskaya / United Artists for Ukraine

“We have decided to repeat for Ukrainian cultural institutions, with an NFT-based sale,” says Sophie Wiesenfeld. Specifically, the Hexagon Society partnered with LaCollection to organize the sale of a series of thirty NFTs by establishing a United Artist membership system. For an NFT – a “card”, in the format of a single digital token – purchased, the holder will have access to exclusive benefits within the art world. To make the idea captivating, the organizers turned to prestigious names: Marina Abramovic, Ron Arad, Emanuele Perrotin, Opera Gallery, Douglas Gordon… and specialized media titles such as Viola magazine Where is it The art newspaper. All offer holders of an NFT purchased as part of the dating sale exclusive access to their workshops, art events … Ukraine, explains the president of the Hexagon Society. We have opted for a system of membership, beyond the borders. Workshop visits, meetings and more previews organized for buyers will take place in the four corners of the world because the artists and gallery owners who collaborate with us have spaces everywhere. In New York, Shanghai, Seoul, Miami, Singapore … ”

In Ukraine, museums are seen as infrastructure that must be destroyed by Russian forces. Young Ukrainian artists are deprived of the opportunity to pursue their careers, monuments are looted … According to UNESCO, more than 150 cultural sites have been degraded or destroyed, including about twenty cultural centers and fifteen museums. For United Artists for Ukraine, coordination with the beneficiaries was carried out by Regina Maryanovska-Davidzon. Of Ukrainian origin, this producer collaborated with the think tank to define the structures that would receive the money from the sale. Among these, the Docu / Help organization that helps Ukrainian filmmakers, the National Art Museum in kyiv, the Odessa Museum of Fine Arts, the foundation of the Ukrainian Cultural Institute … ‘Arab World Institute aims to promote and accelerate the sale so that they perceive the product as quickly as possible.

Defending democracy through art

Former Minister of Culture Jack Lang he gladly hosted the event at the Institut du Monde Arabe, which he chaired and founded, in 1980. Present to discuss with the collectors present at the launch party and to give a speech, he welcomes the initiative launched by Hexagon Society : “Defending Ukraine is also defending ourselves. It is defending the right of peoples to self-determination and democracy. The initiators of the sale have managed to mobilize prominent personalities who will make a substantial moral, intellectual and material contribution. At the crossroads of art, politics and humanitarian commitment, United Artists for Ukraine unites many of its commitments: “Art sales are a very beautiful, simple and effective way to help cultural institutions. What Vladimir Putin does belies all that I teach my law students and tonight we have new evidence that art can have a role to play in avoiding the worst and saving people. “

The same evening the “silent sale” was closed: it allowed you to buy NFT cards giving access to the most privileged status, he says. legendary. Buyers will be able to “be part of the axis of United Artists ”and benefit from prestigious advantages in the arts community, enthuses Katie Kennedy, director of partnerships at LaCollection. “Until December 31st, the sale continues at the prices fixed up to then. It’s a first prize, in a way. It will increase early next year. ”

NFT graphics by Iryna Ozarinskaya for United Artists for Ukraine.

Iryna Ozarinskaya / United Artists for Ukraine

Count between 500 and 1000 euros for the moment to offer you portraits of famous artists specially designed for sale by Iryna Ozarinskaja. This Ukrainian artist has imagined a series of cards in the image of artistic geniuses, from Leonardo da Vinci to Niki de Saint Phalle. Their faces and their expressions, represented in an ultra-realistic way, are colored with bright and contrasting colors, representative of the artist’s work. “It’s a magical story for me,” says Iryna Ozarinskaya. Three months ago I was invited to participate in a competition. For a month I dedicated myself to this project, to offer the organizers a series of cards. And I was chosen! Based in Venice, she is still closely linked to her Ukrainian origins. “I have exhibited in some of the institutions that will benefit from the sale. I know the others, the artists and the teams from the museums and galleries on site. It is very strong for me to have been able to use this project to help them ”.

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