Massive dismissal in Meta! Is Zuckerberg struggling to get by in the metaverse?

Lately, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Meta is going through a very difficult phase and that significant changes are underway. It was a message to his employees, but the worst was yet to come for them. With what’s going on, you might think Mark Zuckerberg is struggling to get by in the metaverse, is that so?

Why this massive dismissal from Meta?

It is well known that Meta is an ambitious company, so ambitious that during the crisis caused by the pandemic the giant took steps to do so massive recruitment. In fact, in 2020, the world needed Meta and most of its social networks, so Zuckerberg saw fit to hire people around the world for Meta’s services to work well. Furthermore, it was during this period that Facebook officially became the Meta and Mark Zuckerberg’s plans were ambitious. Also, the metaverse that is Zuckerberg’s primary concern is struggling to convince people, inevitably, that things aren’t going well on the Meta side.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned when life resumed and TikTok appeared. There is also the loss of income a due to the reduction of targeted advertising and the withdrawal of some investors. Eventually Meta had to lay off nearly 11,000 employees worldwide, but these people will be entitled to certain benefits. These employees, in fact, are entitled to at least 16 weeks of salary, paid leave if not taken, support for 3 months to find work and health coverage for 6 months and administrative assistance for immigrant workers, full of desperation.

What is this money pit that Meta is currently experiencing?

Mark Zuckerberg is known to be determined to make his metaverse work, and this determination almost costs of $ 2 billion every quarter. Note that it is the Reality Labs department that is responsible for this and unfortunately neither employees nor Meta users nor companies are interested in Horizon Worlds. Unlike other metaverses, Meta’s one struggles to get started and also encounters bugs very often.

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In short, Mark Zuckerberg is investing colossal sums to make his metaverse operational yet, the latter struggles to convince the general public. Thus, more and more investors withdraw and Meta is very close to her bankruptcy, which forces her to fire employees. This phenomenon is not just about Meta, Twitter, Lyft or even Uber, who are preparing to fire employees. However, Meta is the most notable case.

Unfortunately, whenever a great tech tycoon has oversized ambitions, it’s the employees who pay the price later. Even if the projects seem to work at the beginning, they remain fragile and a small event could put them in danger, the case of Meta is a perfect example.


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