Weldom uses the power of NFTs for charity at a hospital

In collaboration with the “Les Bricos du Cœur” association, the Weldom chain of DIY stores has allowed the creation of a fresco in the pediatric ward of a hospital in the Oise, the digital version of which will be auctioned off as NFT. The funds raised will be donated to the association to improve the working environment of social structures, organizing renovation projects and donating products.


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Weldom and Les Bricos du Cœur create NFTs for a good cause

It is through charity that DIY store chain Weldomaccompanied by her creative communication agency Nikita, learn about the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In fact, thanks to a partnership with the “Les Bricos du Cœur” association, the company has commissioned the creation of a fresco which will be auctioned in the form of NFTs.

The fresco in question was painted in the pediatric ward of the Groupe Hospitalier Public du Sud de l’Oise (GHPSO) located in Creil. The main focus of this work is to bring color into the daily life of hospitalized children.

Said work called “AmourLand II” was produced by artists Laurie Haon and Guillaume Ladavière, working under the trademark William & Laurie. This duo has already exhibited in cities such as Barcelona, ​​​​​​Paris or Tokyo and has collaborated with several well-known companies such as Étam, Uber or Franprix, for example.

A work to be auctioned from November 15th

As explained above, this fresco will be auctioned as a non-fungible token. This operation is called “NFT du Cœur”, in reference to the association “Les Bricos du Cœur”. And then the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the latter.

Although the use of NFT is the first for Bricos du Cœur, the goal in this case is in line with previous results. Indeed, this initiative works to brighten up places that are not necessarily joyful, such as hospitals or nursing homes. To use their motto, their goal is “to help the people they help”.

Therefore, the auctions will start this Tuesday, November 15th on OpenSea on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The starting price should be 500 euros and the sale will close after a week.

This Heart NFT experience it is therefore a first step towards Web3and can be renewed in the future.

Through this initiative, Les Bricos du Cœur and Weldom are using the power of NFTs as a means of communication for a charity project. Indeed, this technology is not limited to the speculative aspectand in this specific case, it can also bring added value to a concrete job in real life.

Furthermore, we point out that in addition to performing a good deed, which will brighten up a hospital service, the winner of the auction will receive a physical work by the artists Guillaume & Laurie as a thank you.

👉 Find Guillaume & Laurie’s work for sale on OpenSea

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