Samsung achieves a new feat in the metaverse

Wed 05 Oct 2022 ▪ 14:00 ▪
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Samsung’s Latin American subsidiary, Samsung Latam, has just announced the opening of its new space in the Decentraland metaverse. This virtual area called ” Sam’s house will constantly host animations of the SmartThing experience by SAM, the virtual assistant of the South Korean giant.

On Saturday, Samsung Latam ushered in the Sam’s house on Decentraland (MANA), an Ethereum-based metaverse. It is a virtual space intended for various activities for users of Samsung branded products. Among other things, there will be mini-games at the end of which the winners will get rewards for their avatars.

To give you an overview of the activities organized in SAM’s house, visitors are invited to dance to pop music following a choreography. Additional points will go to whoever repeats the correct moves.

Launch of the House of SAM in the metaverse: Samsung

Through this approach, Samsung Latin America intends to get much closer to the new generation of consumers using the metaverse. Naturally, in the House of SAM, they will be able to enjoy unique experiences with the help of Samsung’s virtual expert.

Our customers will be able to interact with each other, participate in exclusive shows, lessons and events that we will offer for free on Decentraland, one of the most democratic and open spaces in the Metaverse. Our goal is to get even closer to Generation Z, our young consumers who no longer place boundaries between what is physical and what is virtual. »

Who is Samsung Sam?

Before setting foot in SAM’s house, here’s some information about his tenant. First of all, SAM is the diminutive of Samantha, the real name of Samsung’s virtual assistant which has become very popular in 2021.

SAM, the virtual assistant from Samsung

Although she has been slow to arrive in the metaverse, SAM is a virtual woman who is very proficient in the use of Samsung products. Funny, this 3D rendered virtual mascot is a pure production of Lightfarm (Brazilian design company) and Cheil (Samsung marketing company).

Since then, many have fallen in love with SAM, this square-haired expert, to the point of considering her a “waifu”. As a reminder, “waifu” refers to a fictional female character who is very appealing to fans of manga, anime, and video games.

Before SAM, Samsung has already developed other assistants like Bixby and NEON.

Like LG Electronics, Samsung has also developed crypto wallets that allow them to buy bitcoins and NFTs via smartTVs. In essence, the brand has already positioned itself in the markets for tokens and non-fungible chips for bitcoin mining.

As for his experience in the metaverse, know that Samsung already launched Space Tycoon, on Roblox, last July. Earlier this year, the South Korean company already opened its own shop on Decentraland.

Also, electronics companies like Samsung and LG Electronics no longer hesitate to set foot in the metaverse. Having understood the challenges of virtual worlds and related elements, they will rush into them at full speed.

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