Use your NFT in any metaverse – The revolutionary idea of ​​this subsidiary of Animoca Brands

Files as bridges – While the community web3 wants to promote interoperability between various existing and emerging metaverses, Meta Mundo throws his place of 3d asset market. They can technically fit more virtual universes. This innovation would then allow you to use your NFT in any metaverse. It would tear down the virtual walls that separate, say, The Sandbox from Decentraland.

Villas, vehicles, avatars: web3 will shop on MetaMundo. The startup had raised 2.7 million dollars, in a seed round led by Animoca Brands, revealed in November of last year. According to a July 19 announcement, MetaMundo has launched its 3D Asset Marketplace linked to NFTs.

The co-founders of MetaMundo, Finn Hansenformer product manager of, e Marco Studholmewho has a solid background in e-commerce, has come up with a concept that allows these NFTs to do just that travel from one metaverse to another.

MetaMundo focuses oninteroperability between the different virtual worlds, and it does so by subjecting the 3D works designed by artists, designers and architects to a conversion and optimization process.

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File to remove borders

This technical process constitutes the personal touch of MetaMundo. Allows you to generate dedicated 3D files to the various metaverses, current or future. Buyers who shop on MetaMundo receive 3D files compatible with existing metaverses such as The sandbox.

At this point though, developers are just starting to lay the first bricks of web3, and MetaMundo is committed to stay one step ahead, anticipating the emergence of other metaverses in the future. New 3D files could, in this regard, be added later to the currently available NFTs. Indeed, this will ensure their compatibility with future platforms.

A forum for interoperability

MetaMundo thus provides a concrete solution to current concerns about walls dividing metaverses. They prevent the free movement of NFTs across the various virtual universes.

The web3 community has attempted to meet this challenge by forming the Metaverse Standards Forumwhich certainly includes many platforms, but which is avoided by major metaverses anyway.

The metaverses constitute one of the essential elements, which will allow the passage of the web2 economy, to a web3 economy. However, the proliferation of innovations in the sector requires governance capable of coordinating initiatives. Technical solutions must be able to break down the walls that isolate these virtual worlds.

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