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Instead of letting the ShibArmy walk around with stories of bankruptcies and crypto scams, the Shiba Inu team is providing them with good news. It’s time for the Shib: The Metaverse project update. In total, 5 hubs have already been presented.

On Wednesday, November 16, the Shibaswap blog unveiled another concept art related to the new hub called “Tech Trench”. On Twitter, SHIB The Metaverse also shared, earning applause like Leonardo Moncada:

“Tech Trench” concept art dazzles fans

@ShibTheMV this will be the Metaverse that will take us into the future. Undoubtedly the landscapes make you live in the year 3000. »

For some time now, SHIB fans have been celebrating a series of presentations from hubs associated with the Shiba Inu metaverse. It all started in September when Shytoshi Kusama’s team took us to the serene universe of WAGMI temple. 10 days later another concept art is born: the Rocket Pond.

But the developers of Shib The Metaverse didn’t think they would stop there. Two new hubs were introduced during the month of October: Canyon and Growth Dunes.

Concept art black and white sketch
Black and white sketch of the “Tech Trench” concept art.

The newly unveiled “Tech Trench” concept art invites you to immerse yourself in a trench coat inspired by ancient times. However, the designers of the SHIB metaverse have added a modern twist to this hub, at the suggestion of the community.

This first sketch, in black and white, highlights the Shiba Inu’s eternal attachment to fauna (owls, jays, crows…), flora (trimmed hedges, flowers, trees…) and drawings inspired by architecture. Tech Trench would be in a sense the mix of the styles of the 7 universities that you will find in the following photo.

Elements that complement the “Tech Crunch” hub of Shib: The Metaverse

The idea of ​​launching the SHIB metaverse was rumored at the end of March 2022. At that time, the developers were talking about several key strategic areas, spread across 4 levels:

  • Silver Fur: Consisting of 17,030 lands, accessible for 0.2 ETH per level;
  • Golden Tail: 7,356 lands, pegged at 0.3 ETH;
  • Platinum Paw: 5,714 lands, sold for 0.5 ETH per level;
  • Diamond Teeth: 2,024 lands, offered at 1 ETH.

And then there are also the rich Private Locked HUBs of 4,307 Terre.

The Shiba Inu community should be proud of the achievement of the Shib: The Metaverse project team. It is made up of immersive media genius Marcie Jastrow, consultants Sherri Cuono and David Kern. Another key point to mention, The Third Floor (TTF) joined the Shiba ecosystem last July to add some spice to this virtual world under construction.

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