What if everyone could create their own metaverse?

During the Focus Art Fair, an event of exhibitions of physical or digital works of art that took place in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre, BeinCrypto was able to meet Adler and test their innovative platform.

Adler is a 3D social network that allows you to easily create and share your 3D space. It is currently in beta but under active development. Instead of an “account”, a “page” or a “wall” on social networks, you will have your own room to set up, which your subscribers can visit on screen or through virtual reality glasses for complete immersion.

Adler thus opens up the possibility of creating a personalized virtual space and in particular of presenting NFT artworks within a sort of gallery in an interactive and social metaverse.

NFTs have enjoyed worldwide success, particularly with their application to the art world, and more particularly to digital art. Now it’s up to the metaverse to talk about him. The question is what future these NFTs have in the virtual world. Adler CEO Sejin Han gives his opinion:

“NFTs are an interesting concept, but I think they only make sense when paired with real value.

In online virtual spaces like Adler, many more numbers can be measured than in real life.

As for the images, we can measure how many people laugh at this image for more than three seconds and what is the average length of time people stay in this space.

Therefore, thanks to SmartContracts, it will be possible to use various numbers that are difficult to measure in real life, thus it will be possible to generate and evaluate the monetization of NFTs more accurately.

These changes can lead to more diverse revenue models for artists and other creators. »

You are Jin Han

A virtual space for everyone

Beyond the artists, the Adler project can be used by everyone. The idea behind Adler is the difficulty that Internet users generally encounter in creating 3D spaces. The purpose of the network is therefore to give everyone the opportunity to do so without technical knowledge on the subject. Everyone can then share their photos, videos or 3D experiences.

It is in this sense that the application wants to be available everywhere. The web version is mostly available and accessible through all search engines on PC/Mac and Mobile.

For smartphone applications, Adler can be found on iOS, Android but also NativeApp. Adler’s team also developed its own language, XRML, with which it now runs its own service.

What an ambition in an industry dominated by the big fish ?

Si à court terme Adler est en train de créer un service apprécié par une communauté de passionnés, d’experts, et de créateurs, l’ambition sur le long terme est de construire un monde virtuel en alignement avec les idées et la philosophie de l ‘agency. “Everyone can change today and live the way they want to be.”


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