LG still wants to play in the big leagues! He wants NFT experts

The LG group strengthens its web3 activities. Group subsidiaries and various technical branches of the company are already doing this. This time, LG Electronics is getting into more specific terrain and has involved two of them experts.

LG announces on its website the hiring of two technical directors. The recruits will take care of all web3 and blockchain activities. Each will have a specific role and speculators believe it will be about boosting the NFT and Crypto sectors.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the company’s communications department is already looking for NFTs. Hence, the IT sector is active in the field of cryptocurrency.

But then, what are LG’s plans?

Vague projects

LG prefers to stay on the main lines of its projects. The details will reveal themselves as you go along. Of course, it will be necessary to dive into web3 to better understand the company’s new initiatives.

In all cases, LG clarified that the hiring of the two CTOs in his team favors the activities on the blockchain. It will be a question of probing the web3 to know, understand and master its functioning.

Next, one of the directors will focus only on the blockchain and its features. By this we mean anything crypto, NFT or even exchange platforms and crypto wallets.

An extension of its activities

It is not the first time that the LG group has ventured into the web3. We also recall the LG television project to view NFTs. This is one of the group’s web3-related hardware projects. The rest is about chain operation.

Specialists joining LG will not be welcomed into new territory. They have already explored facets of cryptocurrencies, NFTs in the bunch. The current team is also working on the feasibility of the LG crypto wallet.

In the intangible

The web3 is exploitable both in hardware and on the blockchain. Self SAMSUNG preferred to develop a chip to facilitate cryptocurrency mining, LG explores the web3 on a virtual level.

The projects of the LG group that concern web3 are quite so oriented towards blockchain applications. Non-fungible cryptocurrencies and token exchanges are in their sights.

The creation of NFTs can also fall within the scope of the LG group’s web3 activities as is customary for all major brands. The rumor that LG intends to create a cryptocurrency is so far unfounded.

On the other hand, they intend to put on the market the cryptocurrency portfolio long awaited by the followers of the brand. Whether they intend to create a physical or on-chain wallet remains to be seen.

LG as a Korean tech giant is entering the web3 field with all the tricks on its side. The group’s teams have been working on this market for some time. The entry of the two new directors into LG heralds a more conscious search for projects.


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