An NFT temple arrives in Paris

The inauguration of the NFT Factory was held on Saturday 22 October, a place dedicated to the discovery of NFTs and Web3 projects. For the occasion, we went to meet Titou Granier, office manager, who welcomed us into the premises of this completely new place, located in the heart of Paris, opposite the Center Pompidou.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Titou Granier, I am 22 years old. First passionate about cinema, I started studying art and cultural management at ICART. During my internships I quickly developed an appetite for the world of Web3 which then led me to carry out numerous projects up to that of the NFT Factory.

Could you briefly define what NFTs are?

NFT is the acronym for “Non Fungible Token”, it is the title of ownership of a digital object, i.e. it allows the original owner of a file to be authenticated. Thanks to NFTs, theœthe work becomes traceable and immutably stored on the blockchain: it is therefore even more effective than a paper certificate of authenticity! It is thanks to NFTs that crypto-art has been democratised. You can register for our 20-minute Web3 discovery workshops to learn more.

What is your background in the world of NFTs?

NTFs really came to me gradually, without me caring about them at first. Two years ago, I was driven by a desire to rework the film industry. My idea was simple enough: I wanted to sell pieces of film and accompany them with merchandising. Thus, a parent could offer his child a pass from his favorite Disney company, and that he would then be the only holder. NFTs therefore appeared as the ready-made solution. Not knowing much about this universe, I asked my plant manager to organize NFT courses. His response was: “It’s fine for conferences, but you organize them, here’s a person you can contact”. Armed with the email address of Jean-Michel Paihlon – Nicolas Laugero Lasserre and collect together œObvious works – and my motivation I organized my very first NFT conference. Then Jean-Michel Pailhon offered me an internship, I accepted without hesitation. The next day he entrusts me with a key to the ledger, two hundred euros and these few words “Do what you want with us”. Since that day I have never stopped working in NFTs and have had the opportunity to participate in the largest NFT events worldwide, especially in Lisbon or New York during the evening of the announcement of Ledger’s personal collection that I helped curate.

Titou Granier in front of the NFT Factory ©Emma Mercier

Can you introduce us to the NTF Factory project?

The NFT Factory is the result of a collective of 128 founding members, also called our “founders”. The goal is to democratize this common passion of Web3 and NFT and federate a community. The NFT Factory is free to enter and is open to all the public. You will find in this unique place NFT exhibitions, workshops and training to get started in the world of Web3, collect NFTs and even create them. There is also a program of various events, an artist residency and a studio dedicated to supporting companies in creating in the Web3 field. There is also an area reserved for members – owners of The Members Node, the gallery’s NFT – located on the first floor. Exclusive events will be organized here.

Who is the NFT Factory made up of?

We are seven employees: Lucie Eleonord Riveron, CEO; Loris Maciera Coelho, project manager and right arm of the Chief Executive Officer; Fares Habida, Web3 project manager; Benoit Couty, artistic director; Samy Behrouni, head of communication and Raphaëla Leveque, founding manager.

What was your role in this project?

I’m quite versatile. I am an office manager, I mainly deal with the cultural mediation of the place, I also help with the scenography as well as with the curatorship. I also attend NFT training courses.


The collective works on different projects such as events, workspaces and other things still reserved but still related to the democratization of NFTs and Web3.

Find all the news of the NFT Factory on their website.

Interview by Emma Mercier

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