The Smurfs land in the Winkyverse metaverse

Mainbot, creator of the first educational video game of the metaverse, The Winkyverse, and IMPS, worldwide licensee of the Smurfs, announce their partnership to be able to take their first steps in the metaverse of The Winkyverse.

The Winkyverse it is a welcoming and accessible universe that is aimed at all audiences, adults, children and families. By offering a wide choice of quests and gameplay, which are as many learning opportunities, and by proposing a world where Humans and Nature coexist in harmony, it sensitizes players to cooperation, the acquisition of knowledge and environmental protection.

It is developed with a focus on ethics in the metaverse. This ethic is illustrated by the use of a future blockchain as carbon-neutral as possible, setting up an ethics committee to ensure the safety of the experiment, and finally setting up a foundation donate 2% of profits to associations for the environment, education and childhood.

The Smurfs, small blue and captivating characters created by Peyo, will celebrate their 65th anniversary in 2023. Recognized for their edutainment values, the Smurfs stories convey joy, positivity, team spirit, ecological awareness. The Smurfs license is managed by IMPS which has declined since 1984 a multitude of derivative products.

The Smurfs entered the metaverse in 2020 and continue their rise by becoming the first landowner partners of Pomokata, the first biome of the Winkyverse, the beginning of a playful, creative and responsible collaboration.

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This voice in The Winkyverse is done as part of a big event, the first public sale of land November 22 at 18:00 CET on The previous sale took place privately last September and was a huge success with 50% of the land sold within an hour. The purchase of the land can this time be made in fiat (payment by credit card in traditional currencies such as Euro and Dollar) or in WNK tokens (virtual currency of the game).

“The Smurfs embody the values ​​of collaboration, mutual aid, learning that we want to create with our gaming experience. The arrival of this globally recognized and appreciated brand is an important step in the development of The Winkyverse. Just like the possibility of the fiat payment that aims to make it more accessible, to democratize access to experiences in the metaverse,” says Boris Kesler, CEO of Mainbot.

“We are excited about this new partnership with The Winkyverse. We know that Smurfs have a special relationship with children and that edutainment is therefore very important to us. Learning while having fun in the metaverse, isn’t that smurfing? commented Fabienne Gilles, Head of Consumer Products and Business Development at IMPS

About MainBot

Founded in Paris in 2017, Mainbot is the creator of Winky, an intelligent playmate robot for the whole family. Combined with a number of applications, this robot offers educational and entertaining gameplay for kids. They can thus discover robotics and programming. Winky has already found its way into over 20,000 homes.

Leveraging this ecosystem, Mainbot recently raised €24.5 million to build The Winkyverse, the first educational metaverse. An immersive universe full of experiences for adults and children.

IMPS, is the official licensee of the little blue-skinned characters “the Smurfs”. Over the years, IMPS (since 1984) has worked closely with its global agents to develop licensed merchandising programs, distribution network promotions and co-branding, publishing business, broadcasting, theme parks, entertainment centers for families, live shows, video games, online games, Smurf music… which have ensured the lasting success of The Smurfs. IMPS is managed by Véronique Culliford, daughter of Pierre Culliford, the creator of the Smurfs, better known under the pseudonym Peyo.

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