Why did the French post rush into the world of NFTs?

Stamp collectors can now consider enriching their booklets. The French post office has a nice surprise in store for them for 2023. Purist or not, the question does not arise. We’re entering a modern era where there’s no reason to disdain beautiful achievements.

On the side of stamps and those who collect them, the trend is towards digital collecting. It is on the blockchain that it is possible to enjoy this innovation. NFT stamps have a privileged place in this new version of the Internet.

the stamp NFT is a must now that we are starting to pay more attention to web3. Philatelics who are immersed in the blockchain environment should seize early opportunities.

Philaposte opens the ball

Philaposte is the first in France to offer NFT stamps. They announced the news on October 3, 2022 at the Salon Philatélique. Frédéric Morin, deputy director of Philaposte, stressed that the post office’s first NFT stamps will be available on February 7, 2023.

Stamp collectors and NFT collectors will find NFT stamps at Tezos. 100,000 NFT stamps will be available for this first edition. The smartest ones will buy their stamps in presale, if Philaposte decides to make one. You will need to inform yourself.

In any case, the price of the stamp is 8 euros, which is correct for an NFT with great potential.

art stamps

The NFT stamp is a digital representation of a physical stamp. It is a kind of card – physical – with a QR code. The NFT is translated by the QR code. At least that’s what the forerunners of this stamp technology of the future did.

For NFT stamps French, the acquisition takes place on the Tezos blockchain. This assumes that the stamps are dissociated from their physical versions.

In all cases, stamp NFTs are ranked on the same level as artists’ NFTs. The images on these dematerialized stamps will be as rich as those on their classic counterparts. The first collection will, for example, feature a stripe with the image of Nelson Mandela.

Blockchain and telecommunications

The blockchain and its applications are gradually taking place in the daily life of Internet users. NFTs have an artistic dimension and a monetary value. Cryptocurrencies, for their part, replace fiat currency.

In telecommunications, we note an important place occupied by these new technologies. Telephone For example, it accepts payments via cryptocurrency. The case of NFT stamps for its part has already won Switzerland, Croatia and Austria.

Usefulness of the NFT stamp

The NFT stamp has a philatelic vocation! This is the only real use of this digital item so far. Collectors can then invest them in the NFT market over time. On the other hand, you have to wait for their value to rise before you can hope to profit from them.

Philaposte NFT stamps will not be limited to the first edition. The Post plans to launch NFT stamp collections every year. This initiative bodes well for serious collectors.


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