10 potential metaverse features to excite, according to Reddit

The Metaverse is a virtual reality interface that could redefine global understanding of the internet and digital technology. There have been several showcases on how the Metaverse is developing throughout 2022, with audiences hoping to see more of the project in the years to come.

The development shift was initiated by Mark Zuckerberg, who envisioned this alternate future. Many people are still skeptical about the Metaverse and what it can really do for society, but these Redditors are incredibly excited about these particular features and uses.

Virtual reality game

VR gaming has become an industry unto itself, with audiences flocking to try out the new technology. While there is still a long way to go in making the experience truly immersive, the Metaverse will certainly help further develop this concept for players.

Hakkinio said, “Not all metaverse projects want to simulate the real world. Many of them are just games that are anything but realistic. However, I agree with you. I’d like to play better VR games, that would be great. The idea that the Metaverse could bring a new level of immersion to VR gaming is an exciting idea that many are looking forward to.

second life

The metaverse will open up new opportunities for people who want to completely change their lifestyle. Just like in the book and movie Ready Player One, the immersive nature of the Metaverse could, in theory, go far beyond the Oculus Rift allowing users to experience a new existence.

hitstuff discusses this topic in more detail, saying, “Second Life. It’s not a new concept, but until it’s like a Star Trek-like holodeck/hologram, I don’t think the masses will care as much as some speculate. While it ends up being a fairly niche use that may not be fully developed for some time, it’s still an exciting process for immersive experiences.

Data stability

Big plans for the metaverse could see it being used in a similar functionality to the internet in general, securely storing someone’s data and allowing them to interact with them in an almost physical way. The web of options that could be devised could be game changers, from online banking to credit score monitoring.

says, “It’s a universal wallet + identity pack that you use as an internet front that you can connect to apps to verify ownership and identity. enables cross-functional collaboration between applications and users while maintaining full control over data and ownership. This is an exciting development in the data industry that could become a security hazard, but will hopefully reconfigure the underlying infrastructure.

Accessibility feature

The metaverse could present new opportunities for people with limited physical movement capabilities. This will make many basic things easier and could also be used to make events more accessible.

One user said, “As a disabled man, I really want this. I want to participate in life without the function and ability to do so. This is such a vital point to address, with the metaverse potentially promising other ways to open up new experiences with enhanced accessibility options that the real world may not or cannot accommodate.

Business meetings

The Metaverse will become an extension of social media sites like Facebook, which have helped harness modern digital calling and communication technologies. Zoom in particular has redefined the way people work, making it much easier to be anywhere in the world doing skilled work.

While there are concerns that using the metaverse could serve as an additional point of isolation, one user also says that “I want to be able to meet my team anywhere in the world in a more humanistic way and build productive working relationships in ​that way”. It’s a feature that many in the corporate landscape are likely to appreciate.

Increased use of the AR

Augmented reality, or AR, is a newer technology that allows the digital world to interact with the real world. It can be used for a variety of purposes, placing digital images on real objects for games, home decorations and many other reasons. The Metaverse might be able to carry this forward.

georgeearnscrypto says, “I see it more as augmented reality than virtual reality. Imagine adding ambiance/decor to a restaurant with augmented reality glasses. The physical world would still be there, but you’re augmenting what already exists with things that could only be virtually. This could have consequences for so many industries that want to take advantage of this concept, especially in the entertainment sector.

Virtual spaces

Another aspect of the Metaverse that intrigues users are virtual spaces. The uses of these spaces are varied, whether as an office where people can meet and work or perhaps, as is most likely, a digital shopping experience.

brainzorz dived into this in more detail, saying, “So the idea is that there should be virtual malls that you can try and walk around in your avatar… like renting virtual office space for virtual offices, as many companies have become remote”. people shop and interact might be changed by this alternative world.

Explore the environments

There is another level to the concept of virtual space. There is the possibility of creating imaginary worlds to explore, perhaps based on popular culture or completely invented by someone’s imagination. There’s definitely a fun idea in exploring these new lands.

Rio_Kaz_267 said, “I can imagine someone wanting to go out into a world that looks like it’s made out of candy or something. The options would be endless when it came to creating detailed environments designed to thrill and entertain. It would have immense value as an entertainment and educational tool.

Website revolution


Digital spaces are seen as areas that could be used to work, shop, play virtual reality games or create imaginative landscapes to explore. But they can also be used to revolutionize the traditional website experience. In theory, visiting a browser will look very different in the metaverse.

2Punx2Furious noted that “Ideally anyone could create their own environment, like anyone can create their own web page, and you could visit it and do things within it, just like a website. From small business owners to bloggers and large corporations, everyone could benefit from the concept.

Personalization and individuality

Why do people change phone wallpapers? So that they can create a sense of identity within their devices. Human behavior is about creating things with which the individual can identify and which represent him on some level. The metaverse will take this notion of personalization to another stratosphere.

mahdi036 said “we are literally talking about a space where you, as a mere individual, can create your own place to relax and change the theme and nature as easily as you change the background. How someone uses the metaverse is entirely up to them, with features that hopefully don’t limit the imagination.

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