Marie Claire celebrates her 85th birthday with NFTs

A digital work for a life-size experience – The first high-end French women’s monthly, Marie Claire innovates and offers its readers a collection of NFTs presented in an immersive digital art gallery. In addition to the limited edition digital work, the NFT experience will give access to a unique and exclusive package. The second session begins tonight.

“Digital” works of art combined with “physical” experiences.

In all, 85 NFTs are put up for sale as part of this collection. To do this, a dedicated platform was developed in collaboration with Rosalie Mann’s No more plastic and Sébastien Heimann of The good company. It is one of the most successful platforms offering fundraisers for the benefit of charities. Mint’s first session, still ongoing, kicked off on November 9, unveiling 20 of these unique “enhanced” digital works. In total, 4 sessions will run until the end of December. The second session will start on Tuesday 22 November in the evening.

The mint will be held in the form of a fixed price sale or a auction from 100 euros. Payment will be made in fiat currency. Buyers will receive their NFT via the marketplace ChangeMakerhosted on the Blockchain Ethereum. Once the purchase has been made, the owners of the precious sesame will receive an e-mail containing instructions for creating a wallet, as well as how to take advantage of the associated experience.

These NFTs will allow holders to live an unforgettable experienceincluding among others:

  • An invitation to the next Marine Serre fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week
  • A private tour of Dior’s Colle Noire with a harvest of the rose that made them famous
  • An outstanding dinner with the famous chef Alain Ducasse
  • With him a private tour of the studio of Mathias Kiss
  • A face-to-face meeting with top model Helena Christensen
  • A stay in Corsica at the Convent of the Well

A charitable and disruptive Web3 initiative

This innovative project also allows you to put your finger on the notion of Increased NFT of which the vast majority of future features have yet to be discovered. A natural mix between numerical capabilities and concretely tangible implications whose potential we can guess here.

NFTs promise to revolutionize our consumption far beyond art

All profits received from the sale of the NFTs will be donated to three associations fighting for causes dear to Marie Claire : Woman rights with the Women’s Foundation, education with Come see my TafAnd ecology with No more plastic foundation.

This particularly honorable charitable initiative will have seen the light thanks in particular to the support of Sezane, a ready-to-wear brand created by Morgane Sézalory, who has been transmitting Marie Claire-like values ​​through her commitment to women for more than 10 years. Marie Claire becomes like this the first magazine in the world to exclusively offer charitable NFTs.

As a celebration of a long journey, Marie Claire stands out and decides to dive into the world of Web3. An innovative approach, which will surely delight its audience thanks to the unique experiences associated with the NFTs offered and whose purpose we salute. Don’t hesitate any longer and join the adventure together with Marie Claire! You can access the sale of NFT Experiences through the dedicated digital gallery specially developed for the occasion.

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