NFT stamps will officially go on sale in 2023

If you enjoy collecting stamps, you will soon be able to acquire an NFT stamp collection, hosted on the Tezos blockchain. Indeed, French NFT stamps will be launched in 2023 and this is an important step towards web3. Despite this novelty, the classic stamps will remain functional; Here are the details.

The Tezos blockchain in action

The Tezos blockchain will take care of hosting the postal NFT stamps and Philaposte came up with the idea. A block of NFT stamps will be available soon and 100,000 are expected at the moment. The continuity of the project will depend on its success…

The Tezos blockchain will help the Post Office and Philaposte foster technological innovations with this approach. It should also be noted that the 2023 block will have micro-perforations, unlike the usual stamps, and the NFT stamps will only be available online, on a dedicated site.

Furthermore, France is not the first country to offer this type of stamp. Indeed, Austria and Switzerland have started offering NFT stamps and they seem to be working in these countries, why shouldn’t that be the case in France? The future will tell whether this initiative will be successful in France.

For now, if you want to collect NFTs, consider those already offered by Starbucks, it will help you familiarize yourself with NFTs.

An opportunity to collect stamps in a different way

From 7 February 2023 it is possible to buy NFT stamps for the modest sum of 8 euros. These stamps have double NFTs which can be found on the Tezos blockchain. This initiative was born so that you can have authentic and unique stamps. Plus, these stamps will let you know what they were used for.

collectible stamps

Furthermore, despite the existence of digital versions of these stamps, their artistic dimension will be maintained and this digital existence will in no way detract from the primary usefulness of the stamps. Also note that an NFT factory will be opening soon in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, just opposite the Center Pompidou.

The Minister Delegate for the Digital Transition, Jean-Noël Barrot, said that the French government can provide financial support to those working in the field of the web3. So if you want to collect digital stamps, start making a plan now.

With this project, the French post office is modernizing itself in a spectacular way and the fact that state organizations are interested in web3 gives it credibility.

If you are used to collecting stamps, you will soon have the opportunity to collect digital versions of a new block of stamps. Given the importance of NFTs, it is very likely that you will be able to sell your digital stamps for gold at a later date.


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