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Updated November 21, 2022, 10:07am

Right now, even in the bear market, NFTs are completely revolutionizing the world of digital ownership. More and more people are getting into NFTs. It is therefore very difficult for investors to find the right asset to invest in. The upside is that anyone can create or collect NFTs. Here’s a tip to give you more chances of success with your NFT investments.

Avoid the traps of Telegram commercial groups

Create a network

The first step is use social networks. Currently the most used platforms are Twitter and Discord.

Through hashtags, a community, and meticulous monitoring of Twitter accounts, information spreads very quickly. It is therefore very interesting to have your own information network to know everything you need.

Need follow a list of influencer accounts, and be on the lookout for new NFT projects, each of which will have an official account.

Exchange with a community allows you to have different opinions, to learn things, to create a “collective intelligence” and to be much more effective.

It also allows you to be on projects very early, and therefore to obtain privileges much easier (whitelist, etc.)

For instance, @nft_france on Twitter is a medium on NFT, or even @CryptoRusk0f cryptographic project sharing.

But social networks are not the only solution to analyze or find NFT projects.

NFT Drop Calendar

It is often the case that you lose an NFT collection that goes out because you had no idea. Subsequently, you will see that its price is high on the market, without you being able to invest. Now you don’t have to worry about missing the next NFT releases.

Thanks to the NFT Drops Calendar site, you can follow all new upcoming collections. Not only will it keep you updated on all upcoming NFT collections, but you will also be notified of NFT-related giveaways, events, and sales.

You can also search manually a specific collection using different search tags.

Also, the sort function allows you to sort all NFTs based on various parameters like mint date, price, volume, etc. The platform also allows you to publish your NFT and put it up for sale.


Nansen is definitely one of the most powerful tools in Defi and NFT. It is a paid tool that tracks the best wallet addresses that trade NFTs. The tracker tracks all the activity of millions of crypto wallets within the DeFi (Wallet Profiler option) and NFT (Smart Money option) ecosystem.

According to one user: Nansen is my favorite tool for cryptographic analysis, as it uniquely combines on-chain data with a rich database of wallet addresses. Simply put, I don’t make any investment decisions without consulting Nansen first. »

The application offers 3 subscription programs: $150 per month, $125 a month for a quarter and $100 per month for 1 year. The site also offers a 7-day trial for $9.

Indeed, it is not cheap, but the tool is absolutely unique and allows you to analyze the blockchain with extreme precision. The project was created due to the excessive amount of user requests for blockchain transaction information.

Nansen has therefore become a tracking tool for many and one that some cryptocurrency investors cannot do without within DeFi and NFTs.


Gem is an NFT marketplace that allows users to buy NFTs from multiple NFT marketplaces in one transaction and with any ERC-20 token instead of just Ethereum.

Users can also view analysesas the sales volumeminimum prices (Floor Price) and ranking based on rarity for NFT collections.

Also, Gem claims users who list NFTs on this platform can save up to 40% on gas costs. Gas fees are essentially the transaction fees required to “monetize” or create an NFT:

gem nft


Oxalus is an NFT analytics platform, where you can find promising upcoming NFT projectsfree mint (NFT free mint) and others:

oxal nft

The app not only shows the NFT market, total offer, prices, but also the analysis of the community score, community growth rate and engagement rate, so that users can get in-depth information about the project.


Moby is not a well-known platform, but it is indeed a very effective tool for tracking NFTs.

The site shows the statistics and NFT streams real time. Moby can be very useful for NFT investors and help them monitor their assets. They can act on their investments and make decisions faster thanks to time indicators.

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moby nft

If you subscribe to the Pro version of Moby, all data tables can be accessed and perform better analyses. Subscribers can access more useful data, such as historical collection, live streaming, NFT signals, etc

The NFT ranking system on Moby makes it easy to find the best deals and decide which ones to invest in. The only downside here is that you don’t get all the features for free, you have to subscribe for better tracking.

tools.rarity is an extremely useful NFT collection analysis site. It allows you to rank NFTs based on rarity traits.

When considering purchasing an NFT, the most important thing to consider is the shortage. The best NFTs selling for millions are extremely rare and sought after by all collectors. This explains their high price. is a useful tool for tracking and examining NFT space:


You can sort all NFTs by their collectionsfrom average price and also of volume in ETH.

When you visit the site, you will see a unique page for each NFT collection. You can even browse the detailed attributes of any particular NFT in any collection.

The best thing about is that the site can give any NFT to rarity score. This rarity score makes it easy for you to determine whether the investment is worth it.

Overall, it’s just a great platform that provides insights and helps you find potentially lucrative NFTs.

If you plan to get into the NFT business, you need to follow all NFTs and upcoming news. There are many NFT trackers out there that will ensure you never miss any NFT that might be in the top 50 collections by volume. By analyzing through these tools, you will be able to invest in the right NFTs and earn profits.

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