SeLoger Launches into the Metaverse with the Breaking Agency!

While virtual visit has become common practice, the group Housing innovates by offering his first visit to the apartment inside the metaverse. It was during the special private sales organized by SeLoger and Veepee that the brand reflected on its new communication agency InterruptionBring to real additional service to future buyers. The apartment is part of a future real estate scheme being put up for sale by developer Quartus, in real life.

A way to project yourself better

The Interruption agency started from a simple observation: for buyers of an apartment that is part of a real estate program, it is not always easy project yourself in a property that is not yet built and that perhaps will become his future living space. So why not take advantage of the technological advantages of the metaverse to immerse future buyers in a more qualitative virtual tour compared to those offered so far?

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An immersive experience at the service of future buyers

It’s about a new visitor experienceat the same time innovative and engaging, in the metaverse. From his mobile phone or computer, the interested buyer is immersed in a very qualitative representation of the project and can navigate fluidly and intuitively between the different rooms to discover the apartment as if he were inside it.

Furthermore, the metaverse also makes it possible to experience closer to reality bringing to interaction with the real estate agent, essential for the buying process. Using the once cyber cat, the agent will be able to present the apartment and its advantages. The buyer will be able to ask him his questions during his visit. Thus, the real estate agent will be able to provide much more information that would not be perceptible without her presence. What doesn’t exist during simple virtual tours!

“Our prOpposition is the meeting of two worlds! It’s exciting to see how the metaverse, this still new, virtual and fictitious universe, can illuminate our concrete and daily reality. Visiting a real property in the metaverse in an interactive and immersive way allows us to better project ourselves into our daily lives »explains Virginie Boudet, Vice President Brand & Communication at SeLoger.

“People don’t always see the point in moving to new technologies like the metaverse, unless they’re forced to by creating really useful new services that might not exist in real life.”adds Fabien Teichner, Founder and Creative Director of the Interruption agency.

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Oncyber, a simple and secure platform

It’s here A cyber platform that has been chosen in the metaverse to offer this experience to Internet users, and this choice is no small one: first of all, it is a platform that has still been little or not at all integrated by brands. Next, it was important to help people have a the simplest and smoothest experience possible and Oncyber gives the possibility to access it with a simple link, without creating a wallet and without sharing personal data.

Oncyber is a passionate platform created to allow collectors of artworks in the form of NFTs to exhibit their works in virtual galleries. There are therefore many art lovers and artists, fine collections and internationally renowned galleries such as the Gagosian gallery. Once the sale of the new homes has been completed, SeLoger will also offer art collectors who wish to do so free use of the virtual apartment created to exhibit their works.

Do you want to try the experience? Go to the dedicated site!

Photo credit: Interruption

To find out more about the Interruption agency, visit its dedicated page!

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