Square Enix – An “aggressive investment” in blockchain gaming

Seeing the price of cryptocurrencies go down doesn’t necessarily have to be associated too quickly with the disappearance of an entire sector. Look the advertisers seasonal – and quite unbearable – reappearance of the death of Bitcoin as soon as the bear market points the tip of the nose. This even if, of course, all the players in the ecosystems linked to this digital economy are not affected in the same way.

Because in the case of crypto gaming, the trend is blood red. With a drop sometimes equal to -95% for the main cryptocurrencies in relation to this sector, whose real emergence dates back to last year.

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But that doesn’t stop some historical players of the traditional gaming scene from doing so take an interest in blockchain options and NFT tokens applied to their video games. This is despite fierce opposition led by some players determined to prevent this ongoing paradigm shift. But it doesn’t matter, because the Japanese studio Square Enix announces an “aggressive investment” in the sector for 2023.

Square Enix: an “aggressive investment” in the blockchain

Each beginning of the year is an opportunity to express your wishes for the 12 months to come. An exercise he bowed to Yosuke Matsudapresident of the Japanese game studio Square Enix in a “New Year’s Letter from the President”. A document that develops the company’s ambitions for 2023 and beyond in 15 paragraphs. And in which no less than half of them address the issue of blockchain integration and NFT tokens. This is part of a “major overhaul of (its) development and publishing organizations.” And a strategy that will focus on its “existing core digital entertainment business.”

As regards the new business areas, we have identified three priority investment areas within our medium-term business plan. Of these, we are most focused on blockchain entertainment, to which we have devoted aggressive investment and business development efforts.

Yosuke Matsuda

A dynamic inscribed in the perspective of a Web3 “became a firmly established buzzword among businessmen.” And which Square Enix associates with the Japanese government’s desire to create “an environment to promote the concept of Web 3.0, including the use of NFTs based on blockchain technology”. This is part of his “Priority Policy Agenda for Building a Digital Society” put in place a few months ago.

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And even though the year 2022 was very difficult, the studio behind the game Final fantasy he sees this as a possible positive consequence “for the sake of blockchain entertainment growth”. This in the form of what Yosuke Matsuda presents as “a step in a process leading to the creation of rules and a more transparent trading environment”. While not failing to underline it Square Enix already has several blockchain games in development. And that other innovations in the sector will be announced during the year 2023.

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