The Tour de France launches in Web3 for 2023

The Tour de France 2023 will be partially digital. The organizers announce that fans will be able to collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing the different stages. How will it look?

The Tour de France is introduced on Web3

The Tour de France announces that the NFTs of the different stages – modestly baptized” exclusive digital content– will be offered to fans. The 21 digital collectibles will be distributed free through the games. 21 special NFTs will be distributed, and will allow their holders to experiment”a VIP experienceon one of the steps.

The initial distribution of these digital objects will be followed by a second phase. Those who collect several will be able to get “more or less exclusive rewards depending on the level of completion of the collectionA community Discord will also be offered to bring collectors together.

The non-fungible tokens offered by the Tour de France will be offered through Polygon. A choice justified bylimited energy consumptionof the network.

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NFTs resold to promote cycling

The NFTs will be resalable on the secondary market. The profits thus made will be entirely donated to the program “The future by bicycle“. This is an initiative of the Tour de France which aims to promote cycling.

According to Christian Prudhomme, director of the Tour de France, this is a “popular” initiative for the Grande Boucle:

A real popular festival in July, [le Tour] creates a great closeness with its audience during the 3,500 km of its route. The digital collection of the stages of the Tour de France 2023 responds to this logic: everyone will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive digital content from the Grande Boucle. The lucky ones will be able to experience unique moments thanks to them.»

We note a certain caution from the Tour de France, which does not use the word “NFT”. But it still shows a clear openness to Web3, which is increasingly positioning itself as an innovative way to build fan engagement.

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