Cryptos, NFTs and Casinos: Play Russian Roulette with funds from their community

Your wasted roulette corners? – To venture into the heart of the cryptocurrency world, you must have keen taste for risk. Some investors seem to have taken too much. Up to the point of going to the next level. We decipher.

The crypto money evaporated in the casino

When investing in a project, crypto or NFTs, you must be aware that we put our money in the hands of small teams. Sometimes even a single individual. And that this can be fallible. This is the hard disappointment that many investors in the NFT project The Goobersfrom the metaverse platform Gridcraft network or crypto for charity CluCoinwill have to face.

Indeed, in a recent tweet, the founder of these projects known as DNP3, has just announced terrible news. A flaw that’s been in him for a whole year, casino gambling addiction. Such a dependence that in addition to his own money, the interested party has also invested that of his community. Until you’re completely ruined and don’t have a dime left.

DNP3 apologizes on Twitter for betting online with community money

“Over the past year I have become extremely addicted to online betting. Every dollar I could get my hands on, I Staked [un casino en ligne], hoping to win big. And even when I made huge gains, it was never enough. »

First he lost all his savings. Then he had the bad idea of ​​using his investors’ money to try to recover.

“There are no words to describe how guilty and ashamed I feel. I can no longer live in the dark and this statement is my attempt to break free from this addiction. »

DNP3 reveals his gambling addiction in a tweet.  He lost all of his community's cryptocurrency investments.
DNP3, founder of many crypto and NFT projects, reveals he is addicted to gambling

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Crypto, fertile ground for gambling?

Gambling addiction is recognized as a disease, just like addiction to tobacco or alcohol. And the world of cryptocurrencies with its high volatility and leverage effects seems to favor the development of this type of pathology. The consequences are subsequently dramatic.

“I am completely drained, financially and psychologically. My self esteem is shattered. I just joined a self-help group to try and get out of this ordeal. »

After the announcement of DNP3, the price of Clucoin has 63% dive and the base price of The Goobers collection, already very low, has dropped 9% drop. additional. An NFT collection which, according to data fromOffshorehas already done 968 ETH in volume exchanges since its creation.

In its tweet, DNP3 apologizes. These will likely be very subtle in regaining the broken confidence of its investors. The development of the crypto sector also goes through failures, misfires, projects that have fallen into the abyss due to this type of misadventure. Hence the importance of carefully examining each project before investing. For this, it seems that those who provide the best advice are the boomers.

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