Despite the reluctance, this gaming giant is betting on the blockchain for 2023

JVTech News Despite the reluctance, this gaming giant is betting on the blockchain for 2023

While the crypto-gaming sector has followed the downward trend after the fall in value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2022, some giants of the sector continue to take an interest in it at all costs. This is the case of the Japanese video game giant that wants to invest heavily in blockchain technology in 2023.

The blockchain is a privileged investment for this video game giant

While the crypto gaming sector has been hit hard by the recent general decline of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, projects mixing video games and the crypto/NFT sector continue to emerge. Despite opposition from some gamers, some incumbent players in traditional gaming are looking into blockchain and NFT options for their video games.

Very supportive of the adoption of these technologies, the Japanese studio Square Enix, behind the enigmatic Final Fantasy video game series, has announced that it intends to continue its “aggressive investment” in the field of blockchain and NFT tokens for the coming year.

The news was announced with a statement from Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix, to celebrate the start of the new year. Through it, he pointed to the company’s “priority investments,” and it turns out that it will primarily focus on blockchain entertainment.

“We mainly focus on blockchain entertainment. An area where we have aggressively allocated significant capital and development efforts. » explains Yosuke Matsuda

As a reminder, the blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In games, this could be used to manage in-game transactions, allowing players to securely sell and buy virtual items that they own alone, for example.

For Matsuda, these Web3 technologies tend to take hold in the gaming industry. Therefore, the businessman wants Square Enix to be at the forefront of this innovation. According to him, the blockchain and its uses will make it possible to create “new forms of entertainment” and “create added value” for players through “an autonomous decentralized model”, observable for example in play-to-play games.

Square Enix, a crypto-gaming pioneer

In this logic of blockchain adoption, Square Enix is ​​multiplying initiatives. The latter has announced that it is in partnership with Oasys, a blockchain company specialized in games, with the aim of developing new titles using this technology.

Additionally, Square Enix plans to launch its own blockchain-based digital content distribution platform, allowing independent developers to distribute their games without intermediaries.

Furthermore, to sustainably exploit the technology Square Enix is ​​already working on new blockchain games:

“We are making preparations that will allow us to unveil even more titles this year,” announces Yosuke Matsuda.

Square Enix is ​​therefore setting the tone, with a 2023 that seems to be under the sign of the blockchain. It remains to be seen whether the studio will be able to entice its players to this type of feature, which is often misunderstood.

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