NFT: the COO of the RTFKT project victim of a massive hack

A big fish has caught the hook – The crypto ecosystem is plagued by hackers and scammers from all walks of life. For several years now, phishing attacks have become increasingly common. Nikhil Gopalani, the The COO of the NFT RTFKT project just learned this the hard way.

COO of RTFKT victim of a phishing attack

The phishing attacks, also known as phishing, are extremely common in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The attacker impersonates another person or entity in an attempt to steal a user’s resources.

Apparently, these users are targeting as well as the bigger players in the ecosystem.

Thus, on January 3, the COO of the NFT RTFKT project, Nikhil Gopalani he said he fell for a phishing scam. Result, his entire wallet was siphoned off of his cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

“Hey Clone X community – got hacked by some crafty Phisher (same phone number as Apple ID) who sold all my clone x / some other nft…. I am obviously quite upset and hurt by this and have not been able to move all day. I hope the people who bought my clones like it (by being positive)”

RTFKT COO Announces Wallet Hack – Source: Chirping.

While few details have yet been released about the modus operandi of the attack “for legal reasons,” some information suggests so Nikhil Gopalani shared confidential information which led to his wallet being hacked.

Indeed, the CTO of the RTFKT project has declared :

“All I can say is that companies like Microsoft, Apple, … will never ask you for your password, private key or any other form of private information over the phone or by email. »

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Over $170,000 stolen in hack

In practice, it appears that the attacker transferred all of Nikhil Gopalani’s assets and NFTs to two separate addresses (1, 2). Unsurprisingly, once the NFTs were in his possession, he rushed to put them up for sale.

In total, this has already sold 34 NFTs, mostly from collections related to RTFKT. In total, stolen NFTs account for at least $170,000. In fact, this amount has been calculated using the minimum price of each NFT, however some of these NFTs may have values ​​well in excess of this price.

NFTs include 19 CloneX NFTs, 18 RTFKT Space Pods, 17 Loot Pods, 11 CryptoKicks, 19 RTKFT Animus Eggs, and many more.

A dilemma for buyers

Shortly thereafter, user lyx.eth enthusiastically announced the purchase of an NFT CloneX, stating “I can’t believe I now own this sick Murakami clone.”

A user buys one of the stolen NFTs.
A user buys one of the stolen NFTs.

Unfortunately, her happiness was only short-lived. Indeed, many Internet users informed him that he had just bought a stolen NFT.

It would appear that he is now in contact with the RTFKT teams to potentially strike a deal. However, he still doesn’t know how it will proceed. Pending a potential deal, he has stated that he will keep the NFT.

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