Prepare your trip to Martinique thanks to the metaverse

Virteem, specialist in immersive technologies and metaverse, has developed the first metaverse market in the West Indies for the Martinique tourist office. The goal is to promote the Northern Caribbean territory


Founded in 2012 in Nice by Kevin Soler, former street workout world champion, Virteem (formerly Groupe VIP 360°) is a SaaS software publisher specializing in the metaverse. Member of the French Tech Scale Up Côte d’Azur and present in the Top 500 ranking of Tech companies in France, Virteem has experienced strong growth since its creation. Previously known as Groupe VIP 360, the scale up takes the name of Virteem in 2022 to affirm its expertise in immersive technologies. Virteem has set itself the goal of bring companies closer to their customers and employees creating places in 3D or based on reality.

For Kevin Soler, founder of Virteem : “ The tourism sector must continue to make people dream, but travel catalogs no longer respond to the new expectations of travellers, who are now much more attentive. The competition on the web is also becoming fiercer. Thanks to technological innovation like the metaverse, we can go further offering up-to-date practical information for travelers thousands of miles away making them want to discover other places. The idea of ​​this platform is to give future travelers the possibility to book their own kayak, giving them the impression of being already there”.

Immersive exploration to prepare your stay “on site”

Therefore, Virteem has developed a platform for the Martinique tourist office to create an immersive journey. The designed startup an interactive map where the traveler sets out to discover the islands of the region. In the span of a month, the tourist office attracted more than 2,500 users to its platform thanks to navigation that doesn’t require a VR headset but feels like you’re there.

Through 360° photographs around multiple virtual views, divided into aerial and terrestrial shots, the traveler discovers the tourist spots and places of interest in the community listed on the map. In addition, the visitor can contact the tourist office directly through functions such as the chat and the town hall contact email. The platform has made it possible to develop visibility of the Northern Caribbean community both locally and internationally.

Ease of handling

In addition to creating an immersive experience, Virteem has developed a simplified SaaS back office to ensure total autonomy in updating and integrating content necessary so that the user experience always meets the expectations of the community and ensures the sustainability of this solution. Thus, the tourism sector, as demonstrated by the Martinique tourist office, confirms that it understands the challenges of its time by relying on the innovation developed by Virteem and its opportunities for enhancing the area. The startup Nice imagines virtual and immersive platforms, responsive and compliant with current regulations (GDPR) to create optimized media to attract more and more users.

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