From Call of Duty to monkeys in NFT, Activision Blizzard boss leaves his post to join the largest web3 studio

JVTech News From Call of Duty to monkeys in NFT, Activision Blizzard boss leaves his post to join the largest web3 studio

As the NFT sector has been in freefall since the bursting of the asset bubble earlier this year, Activision boss Blizzard has announced he will step down to join a web 3 giant. to give a second wind to its ecosystem of NFTs.

NFT’s largest studio recruits a video game dimension

While the industry has stalled due to a general lack of interest in the NFT market, Yuga Labs is determined to continue the development of its various virtual brands.

As a reminder, the studio is behind the popular collection of virtual monkeys – Bored Ape Yacht Club. These monkey avatars in NFT have seen a skyrocketing price during the year 2021, especially after the promotion of several celebrities like Justin Bieber, Madonna or Neymar.

The studio also owns the most popular collections on the NFT market:

  • MAY
  • BAC extension

Despite the current economic situation, which is not very reassuring due to the decline in trading volumes, the NFT pioneer is establishing itself as a giant in the sector by recruiting new faces from all over to develop its ecosystem.

To carry out its projects, the Web3 giant has hired the services of a video game expert: Daniel Alegre. His name may mean nothing to you, but you probably know Call of Duty or World Of Warcraft. In fact, Daniel Alegre had been the president of Activision Blizzard since 2020. However, the man will soon no longer be the CEO of the video game publisher as he has just joined Yuga Labs, the prominent NFT studio.

“To propel Otherside and our other ambitious projects to new heights, we’ve known for a long time that we wanted to bring in someone with a proven track record of building to the highest possible standard. Our search led us to Daniel Alegre. explains his study of him at NFT Yuga Labs.

Therefore, Daniel Alegre will fully exercise his new role as CEO at Yuga Labs from 2023.

An important recruitment to rekindle the flame of NFTs

Very enthusiastic, Daniel Alegre aired the Dec. 19 announcement on his Twitter account: “YugaLabs, the home of boredapeyc, othersidemeta, cryptopunksnfts and more, is a creative powerhouse driving innovation and storytelling in Web3. I am extremely excited to lead the team into the next phase of growth. »

Through this new recruitment, it seems that YugaLabs wants to develop a particular axis: the metaverse. Indeed, in addition to its NFT collections, the brand is working on the development of a 3D virtual world, called Otherside.

The project aims to give real added value to its collections by developing a digital space where every owner can use their NFT as an avatar. In this sense, the team counts on Daniel Alegre’s experience in terms of “gamification” to build a huge virtual universe, combining MMORPG games and a digital place for socializing.

In conclusion, the Yugalabs team now seems equipped to respond to the competition from Meta, The Sandbox or even Decentraland.

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