CES 2023 unveils novelties and unusual gadgets!

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is certainly the most influential technology event in the world. Between unusual objects and innovations of all kinds, it is “the place to stay” for brands from all over the world, who wish to meet but also shine on the stage of the latest innovations. Please note that CES 2023 will be held from Thursday January 5th to Sunday January 8th in Las Vegas. Oh, right now! And while it has just opened its doors, some croquettes are already making headlines… Focus on the best technological innovations of this beginning of the year!

Innovative and ambitious brands

CES is the largest technology trade show in the world. And like every year, it’s eagerly awaited: it’s an opportunity to see what the biggest brands have to offer. This year, more than 4,000 exhibitors met for this purpose. Samsung, Google, Panasonic, Sony…

Thus, we discover new connected objects, autonomous cars, innovations in smartphones, TV, audio, etc. These are ultimately most of the objects that accompany us in our daily lives. And we can’t wait to see their evolution. How will tomorrow’s products meet our needs? Likewise, CES is also an opportunity to see advances in artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and even augmented reality.

Photo credit: CES

The most unusual gadgets of CES 2023

A successful CES is always accompanied by completely crazy items. Here are the ones that caught our attention:

  • A connected bath mat that has the distinction of being a scale at the same time. It is the French brand Baracoda that is at the origin of this gadget called BBalance. Please note that this mat can recognize everyone’s feet and thus identify different users.
Photo credit: Baracoda

  • We stay in the same room in the house with the Kohler brand connected shower. It is possible to adjust the smallest details of this, going through the temperature or the intensity of the jet, and conclude with the summary of our consumption after this. And this, thanks to a shower head that can be controlled from a smartphone, as well as a touch screen “waterproof” able to receive voice commands.
  • On the robot side, it must be said that this does not go unnoticed! This humanoid robot from Aeolus Robotics is called Aeo. He is able to disinfect various surfaces and bring meals. And this without any real human intervention. As a bonus, it can also detect if a person needs help with their posture. Does anyone fall? Aeo is here to send an alert. It could be a hit to help hospital or school staff!
Photo credit: Aeolus Robotics

  • Among the most surprising objects we also find a pair of gloves for virtual reality. They are signed bHaptics. And thus allow to bring the sensation of a real touch on virtual objects; particularly in the context of video games or demonstrations. What better way to enhance immersion and make the experience memorable?
  • Finally, the French manufacturer of telescopes (connected and consumer) Unistellar, unveils a device capable of taking pictures of the stars in high resolution. Responds to the name of Equinox 2. The goal? Making astronomical observation accessible to everyone, with or without knowledge. To do this, just choose a star, a planet or even a galaxy on your smartphone and the telescope will find them.
Photo credit: Unistellar

We are only at the beginning of CES 2023, but what is certain is that we can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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