queer cultures conquering the Web3

Magazine Stubborn launches an NFT calendar with French photographer Alice Moitié. Collect the virtual works for twelve months to get one of the 100 numbered paper copies signed by the photographer! Follow this artistic adventure by visiting the platform Stubborn x Alice Half.
The magazine of LGBTQIA+ cultures Stubborn and photographer Alice Moitié are embarking on an unprecedented project: the creation of a queer calendar in NFT. Through a collaboration with Iconoclast image and Minteed technology, the magazine and artist are catapulting queer photography and struggles into the Web3. The months of the year 2023 thus give rise to twelve shots taken by the photographer exclusively for Stubborn : brilliant, sparkling digital works, full of a liberating sensuality, in the image of the French artist’s universe. Each snapshot is available in the form of an NFT, in limited quantities, and includes an authenticated and original signature thanks to the Tezos blockchain. To obtain one of the 100 hard copies numbered and signed by Alice Moitié, it will be necessary to collect the twelve months by purchasing the works in NFT format, which will open the right to precious sesame seeds, but also to specific prizes and surprises. A fun experience, with the key, subscriptions to Stubborn and behind the scenes photos of the calendar!

The era of NFTs opens up to queer identities

With this art project, the iconic magazine of LGBTQIA + cultures in France opens the Web3 to queer identities. For the new spaces of digital creation to be a land of inclusion and free love, the photographer and the media wanted to put minorities in the spotlight. In the calendar we will thus find comedians, actors, models, rappers, singers and influencers who embody the needs of a generation eager to do away with rules and restrictions. . Chosen for her pop, carnal touch, full of humor and frank provocation, Alice Moitié has drawn powerful and offbeat portraits. “I wanted it to be eclectic and diverse. There is a mix of LGBTQIA+ people and allies. I preferred talents to models. The goal was to have something artistic, yet accessible. Neither too long-awaited, nor too untouchable” says the photographer. Hamid Hassani, CEO of Têtu, explains: “breaking into the era of NFTs with this unprecedented art project, Stubborn continues in Web3 its role of agitator and its development towards new territories, numerical in particular. We are very proud to partner with a committed artist like Alice who shares our values. »

Always looking for the detail that creates surprise, Alice Moitié has included twelve fruits and vegetables in the calendar. A way to refer us to the seasonality of food and the importance of respecting it, but above all a tasty nod to queer fantasies. Since you may not have known, but broccoli was used as a flower by lesbians who couldn’t declare their flame in broad daylight. What could be more powerful than a carrot to counter the symbolism of the phallus and honor the love between women? What if a man and not the despised Eve bit into the biblical apple? Through this crazy, eclectic and intoxicating project, Stubborn and Alice Moitié push marginal bodies and loves into new worlds, fields of resilience and experimentation that remain to be explored.

January, Sandor Funtek © Alice Moitié

© Alice Half

February, Roman Freud © Alice Moitié

© Alice Half

March, Marina Rollman © Alice Moitié

© Alice Half

Avril, Mariana Benenge and Stessy Emelie © Alice Moitié

© Alice Half

May, Pewiyard © Alice Half

© Alice Half

June, Emile Pony © Alice Moitié

Featured photo: Avril, Mariana Benenge and Stessy Emelie © Alice Moitié

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