LG unveils a surprising new feature for its Smart TVs

JVTech News LG unveils a surprising new feature for its Smart TVs

During the CES 2023 technology show, LG took the opportunity to unveil its plans for 2023. Through a press conference, the brand indicated that it will develop new amazing features through its TVs.

While metaverse predictions point to a surge in users over the next few years, some tech giants are starting to lay the groundwork. After offering Virtual Collection Object (NFT) services on its TVs, LG is tackling a new web 3 theme. The electronic equipment sales company now plans to develop the use of the metaverse on its Smart TVs.

As a reminder, the metaverse is a concept that designates a 3D virtual world where any user can play, work, interact and communicate in an immersive digital space. Accessible online, the interoperable metaverse is considered by some to revolutionize the internet for years to come and must therefore be accessible across multiple media such as computers, tablets, smartphones or even a television.

Therefore, to position itself as a pioneer in the metaverse sector, the LG company has partnered with the start-up Oorbit to allow its customers to discover immersive worlds through their Smart TV. This announcement was aired this week during the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

“Oorbit and LG will bring together immersive games and experiences and enable consumers to easily interact in the metaverse.” mention brands in a press release.

Oorbit is like an online hub of 3D virtual applications that enables different interactive experiences. Still under development, the application will soon be available on Windows, Apple and also on LG Smart TVs.

Additionally, LG customers can access the metaverse social network called Sansar, now from their Smart TV.

Very involved in web 3, the company is adding a new stage to its development.

“At LG, we pride ourselves on driving innovation and delivering new personalized experiences to consumers, enabling them to interact easily. said Jung Sung-hyun, head of content services department at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.

In September 2022, in the same register, LG had launched a marketplace service for the American market allowing the purchase and sale of NFTs directly on the brand’s smart TVs equipped with the webOS 5.0 system. Additionally, the brand is working on implementing a crypto wallet called the Blade Wallet. This will allow you to manage your NFTs from the Art Lab platform right on your TV.

Thus, it would appear that LG wishes to build an environment conducive to the emergence of new web 3 technologies by incorporating multiple services related to blockchain technology on its TVs. However, blockchain uses remain unintuitive for the general public for now, so it remains to be seen whether customers of LG TVs will necessarily be potential users of this type of service.

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