Metaverse: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange launches 3 new indices

Approved by traditional finance – Watch the arrival of three star tokens from the last bull run inside the venerable institution that is the Chicago Merchant Exchange (CME) is a form of acknowledgment for this sometimes derided industry by the general public that is the metaverse. Chiliz, Decentraland and Axie Infinity will thus have the honors of traditional finance and will join the long list of prices referred to by the CME. After the London Stock Exchange in Decemberhere is another sign of the institutional markets’ interest in the cryptocurrency. At the edge of Lake Michigan, the metaverse becomes more real than ever.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange expands its offering of reference prices

The announcement was made in a press release released on January 5th. On the one hand, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which is the world’s leading derivatives market. And on the other, the CF benchmarks which is the leading cryptocurrency benchmark provider. They will pitch together three new reference tools. From 30 January it will thus be possible to have the price indices of chiliz (CHZ), from Decentraland (MANA) e Axie Infinite (AXIS).

CME and CF Benchmarks will offer two separate tools. the reference price calculated over the last 24 hours and published daily at 4pm London time. But there will also be real-time price that he will be released, every second of every day. All these reference prices will be expressed in US dollars. And they will be mined from at least two of the following exchanges: Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gemini, itBit, Kraken or LMAX Digital.

Token-Based Index Names – Source: Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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As a reminder, these indices are non-tradable products. like ETFs but only Tools professionals. Sui Chungthe CEO of CF Benchmarks, welcomed the announcement:

“CF Benchmarks is proud to continue its work with CME Group in providing investors with exposure to all aspects of the digital asset class with reference pricing that meets the high standards they have come to expect. These new tools will provide accurate and resilient pricing data for tokens tied to the metaverse, an exciting new branch of cryptography where private ownership and communities can exist in a virtual realm. »

Clearly, the metaverse has found its way into CME benchmarks. There is also the same data type for 15 different cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, AVAX, ADA, LINK or COSMOS. And the Challenge it also has a place apart with the 4 tokens AAVE, CRV, SNX and UNI. The 3 newcomers thus complete the collection of tokens and push the metaverse into another dimension.

although the price of these goods he suffered strong fixes In recent months, the excitement around the metaverse hasn’t really abated. Admittedly, the soufflé from the last bull run is down a bit. But the projects continue to develop despite largely unfavorable market conditions. Also, we can see, by small signs, that thethe institutional interest remains intact, indeed it grows.

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