The NFT Moonbirds, future Hollywood stars?

NFTs ready to put stars in your eyes? – Break out of the confined space of the web3 community to conquer the world. Here you are the ambition of many top NFT projects like Moonbirds, those pixelated birds that want to be as big as an ox. And maybe that’s right. In this case, what better strategy than hiring professionals? decryption.

Moonbirds, the bird that wants to reach for the stars?

This is Kevin Rosathe founder of Moonbirds Project who announced the news on his Twitter account on Jan. 6. The beginning of an important partnership with United Talent Agency (UTA). Neither more nor less than one of the Hollywood majors when it comes to promoting talent. Here, in this case, a NFT collection. Kévin Rose is very clear in the objectives he wishes to achieve by signing this contract:

“Today we are pleased to announce that [la société mère de la collection Moonbirds] has signed with UTA – working together, our goal will be to multiply our partnerships to promote Moonbird well beyond the confines of web3, so as to become an international brand…”

Kevin Rose, founder of the NFT Moonbirds collection announces a partnership with the UTA agency – Source: Twitter

And the UTA strike force looks anything but trivial. L’company of 1,400 people includes divisions in the fields of cinema, music, sports, publishing, brands and licensing, marketing, distribution… And many other media ready to highlight the qualities of this feathered collection ready to walk on the moon.

By signing the contract,, the company behind Moonbirds, will be able to draw on UTA’s experience to spread its brand internationally. UTA will be in particular responsible for reviewing, negotiating and building partnerships. It will also be a question of seizing expansion opportunities in the numerous areas mentioned above.

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The NFTs, these funny birds ready to dethrone Angry Birds?

There is no question that the Moonbirds should have the wherewithal for their ambitions. The collection is located at 11And position in the ranking of the most profitable NFT collections in history. Just behind the famous collections X-clone And Azuki. These 10,000 little creatures created directly via Ethereum smart contractswithout the need to IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) storage technology. therefore, he managed to generate more than 620 million dollars in the secondary market.

The ranking of the largest NFT collections sees Axies Infinty at the top, followed by the BAYC monkeys and then by the Cryptopunks to complete the podium.
Ranking of the largest NFT collections by sales volume – Source: CryptoSlam

This is not the first time that an NFT collection has used the services of Hollywood specialists. As of September 2021 UTA had already signed an agreement with 3 collections of Larva Labs, including CryptoPunk and Meebit. Collections now in the hands of the company The Yuga laboratories, the instigators behind the famous record-breaking monkey collection. Of course I called the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Bear market or not, NFT technology, driven by its prestigious collections, continues his conquest of the world. We saw in 2021 and then 2022 the enthusiasm of brands for these digital images. Everyone who in turn wishes to take possession of the domain by launching their own collection. Initiatives, some of which have been snapped up by gigantic fan bases around the world. Even former US President Donald Trump surprised his world with the success of an NFT collection created in his effigy.

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