Bless Global – Bless Global goes global – with its game model for earning

License Blessed is (again) resurrected with Bless Global, a new take on the MMORPG this time supported by a play-to-earn model (based on NFTs to monetize), or even downright pay-to-win.

We know the license Blessed counts countless versions that have known various fortunes – the original Bless Online version never really found its audience either in Asia, or in the West despite certain gameplay ambitions; then Bless the Eternal (in China) e Bless the cell phone (in the West) tried their luck on mobile platforms; parallel to Bless Unleashed launched then closed on consoles before being readapted on PC too… And today the collection is completed with the newcomer Bless global.

Bless Global is a brand new version of the MMORPG ma based on the licensed universe – we find the fantastic medieval universe of the previous Bless, with its tribes of Elves, Lupus and Humans. The title is this time developed by the Tigon Mobile studio and intended for both PC and mobile devices: the game is cross-platform and crossplay, allowing you to share your saves regardless of the platforms you play on. Quite traditionally in cross-platform MMOs from Asia, Bless Global includes an autoplay option, turned on by default when the game starts.

A play-to-earn and pay-to-win business model

However, Bless Global mainly differs from its predecessors in its play-to-earn business model : the MMORPG adopts a free-to-play model (the game client is downloadable for free), but includes an item shop and above all a monetizable NFT system. Concretely, the game universe includes resources that will allow you to buy booty (also sold directly via the store), themselves probably contain items in the form of NFTs: these items are individualized via a (unique) token and can be monetized by players using crypto-assets on partner exchange online marketplaces.


And the Tigon Mobile studio has the merit of being transparent and not hiding theopenly pay-to-win approach of the project: the NFTs (mounts, pets and pieces of equipment) certainly allow you to customize the appearance of your hero, but also to improve his stats and make him more powerful in the game world, the premium currency increases the combat power of the character and is used to boost players’ guild skills (especially to increase the chances of guild members to obtain premium resources and thus turn their guild into a dedicated small corporate collection of crypto-assets).

Bless Global was officially launched today in the West, on both PC and mobile platforms: the game was already available in South Korea, without its game model to earn (against local law). In the West, the play-to-earn component is already available on mobile (through a dedicated application) and is destined to be implemented later on PC. For the curious, the different versions of Bless Global can be downloaded from the official website.

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