Microsoft promotes the importance of the Metaverse at CES 2023

Meta-grades reformulated in Las Vegas – The THOSE (Consumer Electronics Show) is one of technology events most important of the year. It highlights the latest innovations and trends in consumer electronics. This event takes place every year in Las Vegas. It attracts companies from all over the world, from small startups to tech giants like Microsoft. And, indeed, Microsoft, the IT giant, has taken advantage of it renew your vows with the metaverse. Explanations.

Towards an increasingly digital world

Indeed, Henry Bzeihdirector of global mobility, automotive and transportation strategy at Microsoft, recently participated in an interview for ” All about Bitcoins from CoinDesk TV at CES 2023. The Microsoft executive said the world is moving towards an increasingly digital landscape. Furthermore, according to him, a ” hybrid digital model will probably be thefuture of consumer-business relations. According to Bzeih, this involves integrating the metaverse into the customer experience, as:

“(…) it could be a hybrid model that offers companies the certainty that the ‘millions of dollars’ they have invested in physical locations will not disappear. To walk away from that and have the whole experience, not there, just doesn’t make sense to them. »

Henry Bzeih – Source: CoinDesk

Microsoft’s metaverse adventure is not in its infancy, the tech giant has already decided to invest in the industrial metaverse in order to optimize the work of some of its production plants. Here, Henry Bzeih, explains that Microsoft now wants to focus on “transversal mobility functionality” to improve the customer shopping experience.

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While for some the metaverse seems dead and nearly buried, this announcement from Microsoft breathes new life into the metaverse and its own market interest. However, some challenges remain to be overcome. The complexity of the metaverse, the vagueness surrounding this notion does not allow business leaders to project themselves into this virtual world, leaning in our reality.

The challenges are also technological: interoperability, graphics development, accessibility… Microsoft confirms its willingness to work in this direction and to actively develop the creation of advantages for its customers, particularly in the field of products and cloud solutions.

What does 2023 hold for the metaverse? It’s still too early to tell. However, we understand that, like Meta, the metaverse continues to germinate at Microsoft, confirming its marketing interest for companies. Indeed, this renewal of vows between Microsoft and the metaverse revives fears, for some, of decentralization and an abused virtual universe.

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