The debut of Lacoste’s FNT UNDW3 in Web3

Lacoste has no limits. In addition to being one of the most famous fashion pioneers with its crocodile logo, this entity also wants to be create a place in Web3 with the product NFT UNDW3 or “Under Water”.. This project created by Lacoste promises to be a success and will become a revolution in the world of the web.

The specifications of this new project called NFT UNDW3

NFT UNDW3, the new Lacoste project has some differences from previous versions. As for the images of crocodiles jumping into the water, there are 11,212 of them, this number was not chosen by chance. It is reminiscent of the L1212 polo shirt that founder René Lacoste created around the year 1933. This is what inspired those who now run the company.

To be able to buy the new product NFTs submarine, Lacoste created three systems. This is meant to allow as many people as possible to get them as easily as possible. The first is access to the ecosystem called Web3. They have also developed a Discord server to bring fans of the brand together.

Details about this concept

In view of the launch of the UNDW3 collection, Lacoste has created its own Discord server. This was done on June 6, 2022. Currently, Lacoste’s discord server has over 90,000 members to its credit. This is one of the possibilities to be able to exploit this project. It must be admitted that since its creation in 1933, Lacoste has known how to stay and stand out from the competition.

Lacoste is offering fans a second chance by launching a lottery. Those who won this contest called had a chance to get the NFT “Under Water”. For those who have not participated in these two options, another alternative has been offered. A public sale has been set up. This has enabled others to purchase the product.

The exchange currency is in ETH or Ethereum. Only nowadays it is more and more difficult to find reliable platforms to buy ETH. Bitcoin Evolution positions itself as the intermediary between traders and their successful trading careers.

In order to buy it, customers had to do it have at least 0.1 ETH. In case the participant had this sum in his wallet, he was admitted to being among the people who could be part of this sale.

As for the Premint lottery, 55,000 people received their entry tickets. Lacoste, on the other hand, wanted to please the lottery participants. For this, they revisited the number of contest winners. Thus, another 16,000 people were able to benefit from the launch of the UNDW3 project.

Lacoste’s goal

Lacoste has been aiming to bring its community together for a long time. This is why NTFs are used so that every ETH owner can get UNDW3. Therefore, this perspective can be tenable.

The entire Lacoste Web3 community will benefit from numerous profits. The first is the digital advantage. The second concerns physical privileges. And finally, the experiences regarding the experiences during the publication of the underwater NFT.

The owners of this new collection also have other privileges. They will have the prestige of being admitted among the Lacoste DAO list. Also, these people will not be on the sidelines at upcoming events. They will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with Lacoste on future projects.

dollar bills

On the other hand, a goal will be announced soon. It concerns the beginning of a project in the Metaverse. This information comes from the Lacoste team.

According to a share in their tweets, the Metaverse and VR will be part of their future, even as the cryptocurrency experiences its ups and downs.

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