Cometh Battle: Blockchain gaming takes off on Ledger

Journey to the heart of the blockchain – Blockchains revolutionize the video game industry. Offering unique and secure experiences to players, allowing for in-game cryptocurrency earnings, online gaming is viewed through a new prism. It is part of an ecosystem, an economy. Many people understood this, including Jerome of Tycheyfounder of Cometh, a free-to-play tactical NFT card game developed on the blockchain.

Building on its success for several years now, He arrives is therefore changing gears and is setting out to conquer a new ecosystem by launching the integration of its game onLedger Live app. This collaboration opens the doors of this technology to a wider audience, while offering a safe and immersive gaming experience on Ledger, the French unicorn.

NFT games and blockchain: Cometh in orbit on Ledger

Use of so-called Web 3 games, or decentralized games blockchain to store data and enable transactions between players or between the game and players. So this allows them to actually own the virtual assets they earn in the game, such as cards, characters or skins. The property and the relationship with the game are therefore revisited, turned upside down.

These games also offer the ability to make cryptocurrency transactions. So real economies between players exist and are allowed in this way. The gaming experience thus becomes unique. While 2022 will have been the year of the crisis of confidence, Cometh has decided today to propose a optimized experience and especially Safe to its users: that’s where Ledger and the live Ledger app.

Cometh Battle’s retro-futuristic interface is by no means part of its success

To integrate Here comes the battle directly to Ledger, users can now access the game directly from their wallet application. Cometh’s CEO, Jérôme de Tychey, is delighted with this collaboration:

We are proud to be the first game on Ledger Live. We are at the forefront of innovation in the Web3 gaming industry and our team is committed to creating a unique experience that showcases the potential of blockchain technology “.

Jerome of Tychey

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An exclusive offer for Ledger users

Users of Ledger can also benefit from an exclusive offer: a Welcome pack alone $3.99 USD. This package includes 4 boosters each containing 5 NFT cards playableas well as exclusive access to a tournament.

The collaboration between Cometh and Ledger is a further step towards the generalization of the use of blockchain technology in thevideo game industry. The integration of Here comes the battle on Live ledger thus providing secure and direct access to one of the oldest Web 3 games.

Ledger hardware wallets have had a resounding success thanks to the crisis of centralized exchanges
Ledger is a French hardware wallet giant

Unprecedented, this new offer should take players to the paradise of 7ᵉ and allow new users to join Cometh Battle. To do this, nothing simpler:

  1. Create a Polygon account in Ledger Live (if you don’t already have one).
  2. Go to the Discover section.
  3. Select Here Comes the Battle.

Armed with a ship that travels through the galaxies, they will be able to harness the full power of Web3 space with complete peace of mind.

This announcement also marks an important step in theadoption of this technology by a wider audience. On his side, Ledger positions itself as a complete platform: digital asset management in cold wallets, decentralized gaming applications (dApps) or even more recently the launch of ledger Stax, fut’s cryptocurrency walleteur.

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