PMU launches its digital horse racing platform Web3

PMU officially launches its Stables platform intended for players to experience the thrill of horse racing in the metaverse. The platform is based on the performance of real racehorses. The commercial development ambition is international.

PMU has partnered with 321founded, a French “business start-up studio”. They brought together a team of entrepreneurs, Web3 experts, horse racing professionals and a video game studio to create a unique gaming experience, powered by NFT and Web3 among other things.

From this beginning of the year, players will be able to purchase NFTs on Stables, which is a unique digital horse whose name and performance are linked to a real racehorse. This collection of 3D horses in a unique and original style was produced by 3D artists. Owning this NFT will grant access to prizes related to race victories and the Fantasy Game. It will also allow you to actively contribute to the development of the game universe and become part of the physical and online community of Stables.

Players will begin their Stables adventure this January. They will participate in a first selection (a “whitelist”) designed for NFT collectors, cryptocurrency investors and gamers. This first cohort of players will be rewarded. Each of them will be able to acquire 2 NFTs per wallet from the first collection which will contain only NFTs in the most powerful and rare versions. There will be two collections a year.

The Stables experiment started on Monday January 9th. People who want to be part of the alpha generation will have to complete quests to try to be part of the “whitelist”, the only possibility of “minting” in a few weeks. Stables is a gaming platform that leverages racing data. Points will be distributed for each race to digital horse owners, based on the results of the actual race. This distribution will be ensured by an algorithm built on a model that uses a 10-year racing history. NFT sales will be used solely to animate the game and the community.

In mid-2023, the game will expand and allow players to modify their NFT and virtually change their performance and scoreboard. They will have to make the best decisions and use the right items to become the star of the community. On the agenda therefore opening of the whitelist, drop of NFTs in the first quarter of 2023, launch of the fantasy game in 2th quarter of 2023 and international development in 3th quarter 2023.

Technologically, the Tezos blockchain is used as the backbone. It was chosen because it is an energy efficient blockchain where developers, artists, entrepreneurs and brands build and engage in a network of decentralized applications. The choice of Stables fell on Tezos, because the blockchain met five criteria of commitment and responsibility corresponding to the aspirations of the brand. This platform was chosen for its security, EY audited, low energy cost, monetary stability, large community and partners, and long-term operational expectancy.
The stable universe can be accessed via:

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