Yuga Labs will earn NFTs by playing BAYC sewers

Fri 13 Jan 2023 ▪ 2.00 pm ▪
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Game and NFT lovers, get ready because there is something new at Yuga Labs. The studio behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club will release “Dookey Dash” with a new set on January 17th. This game is about traveling through the sewers of the BAYC ecosystem and will reward players according to their skill.

Preferred holders of BAYC and MAYC

The winds and tides of 2022 couldn’t stop Yuga Labs from coming out on top. In fact, there had been major surges such as acts of hacking within its ecosystem, BAYC price drops by more than 50%, prospects of an SEC investigation, etc.

But with the arrival of new CEO Daniel Alegre, things have changed as far as the studio is concerned.

Dookey Dash Game Announcement

Monkeys, open your eyes and warm up your muscles, more information will flow next week. Short Version: Monkey Butthole, Sewer Pass Jan 17, Skill-Based Mint Starts Jan 18, New Energy Sources. Explanatory video coming soon, more info at http://MDvMM.xyz and Discord. »

According to CoinDesk, Yuga Labs will release its game called “Dookey Dash” on January 18th. But long before its release, the studio behind Bored Ape Yacht Club will first be doing free minting for BAYC and MAYC holders. This step will grant them sewer passes which will act as keys to unlocking access to Dookey Dash.

May the best man win!

Details on Passo delle Fogne

Gary will watch you in the sewers. Sewer Pass holders will compete to get the highest score and earn their new source of energy. The highest score you get with your specific Sewer and accompanying wallet determines what it reveals. »

In other words, there will be challenges to overcome as the difficulty of the game gradually increases. Players are then invited to shine through the sewers and avoid obstacles while collecting as many “shards” as possible.

Yuga Labs developers are thinking big now and want to accelerate. Please note that participants will only be able to see the game results on February 15th. Because Dookey Dash will end on this date.

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